• 2016 Global Destination Investment Summit

    Date: 23 - 24 Nov 2016
    Location: Shanghai
    According to a survey of 2,203 companies by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and Phoenix Int’l Think Tank, 1,028 companies have started outbound investment activities and 644 companies are ready to go abroad. 1,672 companies in total are involved with outbound investment, accounting for 80% of the total sample. More companies are looking for opportunities in overseas market.
  • Renewable Energy for Indonesia 2016

    Date: 6 - 7 Dec 2016
    Location: Pullman Thamrin Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
    By the year 2025, the population of Indonesia is expected to reach 285 million, an increase of 35 million compared to 2015. It is clear that this will have an impact on the national energy demands. Since the middle of the last decade, Indonesia switched from being a petroleum exporting nation to becoming a petroleum importer. This transition had awoken the nation to realize that alternative sources of energy should be developed. The new and renewable energy (NRE) in Indonesia has an overall potential to generate 200,000MW with only 6.8% been realized.