• The Silk Road Journey Photography Exhibition by Michael Yamashita (Beijing)

    Date: 10 - 25 Mar 2016
    Location: Reignwood Centre, Beijing
    "One Belt, One Road", a grand modern-day development strategy and framework proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation after centuries, is a beneficial way to create a prosperity to be shared by all the countries along the new routes and an initative to realize not only Chinese dream but also the world dream. Culture is a bond that connects East with West and the past with the future, Reignwood Group, deeply committed to the fusion and development of eastern and western cultures, will have a touring exhibition under the partnership with world-renewed photographer Michael Yamashita, offering an opportunity for the international audience to look at the civilizations along the Silk Road by re-walking this ancient route. You are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Silk Road Journey, "One Belt, One Road" Photography Exhibition by Michael Yamashita in Beijing, the first stop on this world tour.
  • The 10th Asian Bond Market Summit Beijing

    Date: 20 Jan 2016
    Location: The Westin Beijing Financial Street, Beijing, China
    The Asian Bond Markets Summit, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, brings together participants from all over Asia including institutional investors, private banks, financial institutions, issuers and policy makers to discuss and debate the key themes and opportunities in the region's bond markets.