• 2023 Latin America Forecast

    Date: 06 Oct 2022
    Location: Online
    While most analysts are focused on the Latin America’s perceived political pivot to the left, what will determine the region’s growth next year has little to do with politics. Prudent Central Bank policies in Latin America and global commodity supply shocks will be far more influential – and Latin America stands to benefit from both factors.
  • ISC Connect Conference

    Date: 12 Oct 2022
    Location: Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort, Twin Waters, QLD
    CONNECT 2022 is your opportunity to listen, learn and lead sustainably. Focussed on the major challenges of our time - climate change, inequality, resilience. Our sector must ensure that future infrastructure is fit-for-purpose. Our future will be defined by net zero, social value, natural capital and world class infrastructure. The purpose of infrastructure is to enable people to thrive. We need to accelerate collaboration to deliver positive impact for all. Collaboration is catalysed at CONNECT.
  • Business Executive Luncheon

    Date: 14 Oct 2022
    Location: The Calile hotel
    How do we make Australian infrastructure ESG investment ready to deliver enduring value?
  • Enabling Sustainable Procurement

    Date: 18 Oct 2022
    Location: Online
    This virtual lead instructor training (vILT) course will assist participants to enhance procurement practices in their project or organization in relation to sustainability. A mixture of online instructional sessions and supporting activities will help participants reinforce and apply learnings.
  • REDmoney Seminars Presents 'Shariah Audit for Corporate, Hedging and Financial Market Products'

    Date: 18-20 Oct 2022
    Location: Online
    Ensuring Shariah rules and principles are adhered to is one of the ultimate responsibilities of Islamic financial institutions (IFIs). IFIs carry out this responsibility through establishing Shariah review and audit functions within their institutions. The role of the Shariah compliance audit provides independent assessment and objective assurance designed to value-add and improve the level of confidence of the IFI’s compliance with Shariah.