• REDmoney Seminars Presents Hajah and Darurah

    Date: 25 Sept 2023
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    Hajah and Darurah are increasingly important principles in Islamic finance. Literally translated as ‘need’ and ‘dire necessity’, Hajah and Darurah represent an important and fundamental shift in the thinking surrounding the development and provision of Islamic financial products. Implications for Islamic financial institutions could potentially be far-reaching, with the most significant effects being seen in Shariah, product development, risk management, credit, and recovery.
  • Espacio Food & Service

    Date: 26 Sept 2023
    Location: Espacio Riesco, Santiago
    The event, which is held each year at the Espacio Riesco Convention and Event Center, is considered the most important in the Chilean food industry and a benchmark in Latin America.
  • IFN Asia Forum

    Date: 02 Oct 2023
    Location: EQ Kuala Lumpur
    Now in its 18th year, the IFN Asia Forum is IFN’s flagship event which has become a ‘must attend’ business event for Islamic finance professionals from around the world. It is a confluence of the brightest and most influential personalities of the industry, bringing quality and relevant discussions to the stage and invaluable networking opportunities.
  • The 2024 Latin America Forecast

    Date: 05 Oct 2023
    Location: Online
    2023 in Latin America has turned into a much better performing year than most anticipated. After holding back in the first half of 2023, multinationals are far more bullish on the region as we enter the 4th quarter. Is that optimism warranted?

    Date: 14 Dec 2023
    Location: 36th Floor Two Exchange Square, Hong Kong
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