• SILVER: Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery's 25th Anniversary Exhibition

    Date: 03 Dec - 24 Dec 2013
    Location: Conway Street, London
    The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery opened in Fitzrovia, Central London, twenty-five years ago. Since 1988 it has grown to become one of the most innovative and respected galleries in the Contemporary Art World - with two exhibition spaces in London and a third in New York.
  • Energy Reform in Mexico – On Paradigm Shifts, Game Changers and Unleashing Aztec Tigers

    Date: 17 Dec 2013
    Location: Online
    On December 12, Mexico’s Congress passed legislation aimed at a major overhaul of the nation’s energy sector. Join us for a virtual panel to discuss what these reforms mean for the nation’s oil and gas and power sectors with Luis Miguel Labardini (Marcos y Asociados), Marcelo Mereles (EnergeA) and John Padilla (IPD Latin America).
  • Workshop on “Risk Management for Outbound Investments” (2013)

    Date: 4 Dec 2013
    Location: Beijing Exhibition Center - Hall 7, China
    In keeping with its mission to provide practical and authoritative information on doing business abroad, ChinaGoAbroad, along with TransAsia Lawyers, hosted a workshop on “Risk Management for Outbound Investments” at the China Overseas Investment Fair in...
  • Nicaragua Energy Roundtable

    Date: 04 Dec 2013
    Location: Hilton Princess Managua Hotel, Managua, Nicaragua
    Based upon current trends for 2013, the portion of Nicaragua’s electric generation derived from renewable sources will be on the order of 51% this year, up from 27% in 2006. Over the last six years the oil dependent nation has made great strides and set out further goals in its National Development Plan to produce 74% of its electric demand from renewable sources by 2018. However, at the same time continued reliance on oil imports for roughly 49% of electric generation has meant that Nicaraguans pay some of the highest costs for electricity in the region and forces roughly 80% of households to rely on electricity subsidies, similar to many of its neighbors in Central America. Rising demand in both residential and commercial sectors is putting pressure on the government to find the right balance to match energy supply and demand. Nicaragua has also kicked off an exploratory campaign in the nation’s waters to determine its potential domestic oil and gas reserves.
  • The 5th China Overseas Investment Fair

    Date: 03 Dec - 04 Dec 2013
    Location: Beijing, China
    The theme of the 5th COIFAIR is “Investment, Cooperation and Responsibility: The World Seeks Common Development”. It will offer an effective and robust forum for communication and collaboration. During the COIFAIR, public figures from all sectors of industry, as well as from the investment, financing, government and professional services sectors, can meet, interact with and seek partners for investment opportunities, paving the way for Chinese companies to implement the “going abroad” strategy. At the same time, it will be a special opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with CDB and the other financing agencies as well as gaining their uttermost project financing support. Moreover, the COIFAIR will focus on developing new forces for economic growth, creating favorable conditions for global development and optimizing global production through international cooperation.