• A Christmas Celebration and Party

    Date: 10 - 24 Dec 2015
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    This Christmas we decided to do something a little different, commissioning our stable of artists to create a special collection of postcard-sized artworks, all for sale at £110 each. (Please follow the private view link at the bottom of the invite to see a selection of them).
  • 20 x 15: The Postcard Show

    Date: 1 - 24 Dec 2015
    Location: London
    To celebrate the Christmas season, the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of 20 x 15 cm works by our stable of national and international artists. Ideal as Christmas gifts, the works will deck the walls on draped string, in keeping with festive traditions. 
  • CBBC-Alibaba Roundtable: Copyright and Brand Protection (Hangzhou)

    Date: 18 Dec 2015
    Location: Xixi Campus, 969 Wenyi West Rd, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou City, China
    CBBC and Alibaba Group invite companies to a roundtable discussion on copyright and brand protection. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss specific concerns about copyrightable works, including software, music, English-language materials and publications such as journals. You will have the opportunity to propose initiatives to protect your content and your brand from counterfeiters.  
  • Spotlight on Myanmar: Myanmar Post Elections - Changes in the political playing field

    Date: 17 Dec 2015
    Location: San Francisco, New York, London
    Will the outcome of Myanmar’s historic elections bring durable change to the country? Who are the forces at play, and what is at stake in the negotiations around the transition to NLD rule? How will the influence of the Myanmar military change (and the companies that have chosen to affiliate with them) after the election – and what impact will this have on the economy, on US sanctions, and on business?
  • Andy Dixon: Leisure Studies

    Date: 13 Nov - 16 Dec 2015
    Location: 262 Mott Street, New York
    Andy Dixon paints with Bosschaert’s Belgium, affectations from Matisse and Rousseau and motifs from Veronese Renaissance Italy all at play by his easel. And yet, these historical influences are expressed with refreshing contemporaneity. Recently relocated from Vancouver to New York, Dixon approaches his elite subject matter with shocking hues and a daring attitude to the application of paint. His first solo show in New York, Leisure Studies, pushes beyond the aristocratic tableaux of Dixon’s earlier paintings to depict pure action.