• 11th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2021

    Date: 20-21 May 2021
    Location: Shenyang, China
    Boeing forecasts that passenger traffic will grow by an average of 4% a year over the next 20 years and that the global civil aviation fleet will grow from 25,900 today to 48,400 by 2039. The centre of growth is In Asia, and particularly In China, where 8,600 new aircraft will be delivered over the next 20 years.
  • 6th Annual China Aviation Training International Forum 2021

    Date: 26-28 May 2021
    Location: Langfang, China
    According to Boeing,China is expected to add 7,000 civilian aircrafts by 2035, which will create a shortage of 110,000 pilots at that time. How to optimize the existing training model, upgrade the existing equipment and combine the cutting-edge technologies such as VR&AR, to meet the needs of different aviation training stage, and to improve the efficiency of pilot learning result transformation while shortening training time, are highly focused by the entire aviation training industry.
  • The 3rd Connected Aircraft China Congress 2021

    Date: 3-4 Jun 2021
    Location: Haikou, China
    The satellite Internet is classified as one of the "new infrastructure" information infrastructure by the National Development and Reform Commission. As an important application scene of satellite communication, the aviation Internet in the field of civil aviation has a broad development prospect.
  • 5th Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum

    Date: 17-18 Jun 2021
    Location: Shanghai, China
    With the development of China's air transport industry, China is expected to deliver 9,205 passenger aircraft in the next two decades, worth about 1400 billion dollars, of which the aero engine market size will reach 210 to 420 billion dollars, the average annual market size will reach 10.5 billion to 21 billion dollars, accounting for about 20% of the global market.
  • 10th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum

    Date: 22-23 Jun 2021
    Location: Shanghai, China
    With the rapid growth of China's civil aviation market, the civil aviation industry has gradually integrated into the world aviation industry chain. China attaches great importance to its development. The R&D and operation of domestic civil aircraft models such as CR929, C919, ARJ21, MA series regional jet and AC series helicopter provide important support for the development of China's civil aviation transportation industry and transformation and upgrading of industries.