• 6th Annual Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum

    Date: 19-20 Aug 2022
    Location: Shaanxi, Xi’an
    China Aviation Industry Development and Research Center foresees that the scale of civil helicopters in China will reach more than 3,500 by 2027 and market capability of helicopter production and sales alone will probably reach USD14.4 billion, which will stimulate nearly trillion market with reference to the ratio of input and output 1:8, and the sales growth of 1% in helicopters will pull 0.714% of the Gross Domestic Product growth.
  • The 3rd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

    Date: 11-12 Aug 2022
    Location: Beijing, China
    During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the strategic role of civil aviation industry in national economic and social development will become more prominent. China's civil aviation will enter a period of transformation, quality development and pattern expansion, with both opportunities and challenges.