Building A Smart & Digitalised City

Date: 27 - 28 Aug 2018
Location: Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Smart cities are emerging fast and they introduce new practices and services which highly impacting the policy, planning, development and operation of city, while co-exist with urban facilities.

It is now needed to understand the smart city’s impacts on the overall urban planning and vice versa, to recognise urban planning offerings in the smart city context; and harmonise the reliance of global players in the overall smart city ecosystem to develop, implement and sustain an integrated set of solutions.

The Cities 4.0 Conference and Exhibition is designed to provide a platform to discuss on frameworks and strategies that highlighting and measuring smart city and urban planning interrelation and identifies the meeting points among them. This will be an integrated platform for the technology and application experts, data and analysis experts, communications and connectivity experts, services and integration experts, even business and financial experts to connect with the city leaders to explore and align goals, objectives and business model as part of the smart cities ecosystem reliance.

The Cities 4.0 Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

  • Success Stories of Smart Cities
  • Funding Smart Initiatives
  • Privacy and Security in Smart Cities
  • Impacts and Implementations of AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud on City Planning and Development
  • Development and Planning of Digital Infrastructure, i.e. Digital Hub, IoT Platform, 5G Network and Beyond 
  • Planning and Development of Transportation and Mobility for Smart and Advanced Cities
  • Improving Citizens’ Lifestyle with Smart Utilities
  • Implication of Digital Solutions for Smart Community


Day 1 - 27 Aug 2018

07:30 am Cities 4.0 2018 Registration Begins

08:00 am Exhibition Opens

08:30 am Delegates Take Their Seats at Conference Ballroom

08:30 am Arrival of Distinguished Guests

08:45 am Arrival of the Guest of Honour

09:00 am Opening Ceremony 

10:00 am Plenary Address 1: The Comprehensive, End-to-end Approach in Developing A City of the Future

10:30 am Plenary Address 2: City of the Future – The Success Story

11:00 am Plenary Address 3: Funding Smart City Initiative – New Ways to Imagine, Plan and Build Cities

11:30 am Plenary Address 4: The Socio, Economic and Environmental Impact of Smart City – From the Lens of A Multicultural Country Like Malaysia

12:00 pm Luncheon for Guest Speakers and Delegates

01:00 pm Paper 1: Advancing A More Intelligent City that Thinks for Itself

01:25 pm Paper 2: Harnessing Cloud-based Collaborative in Urban Planning

01:50 pm Paper 3: Can Big Data Solve the Urban Planning Challenges?

02:15 pm Paper 4: Tinder for Cities: Planning More Inclusive City with New Wave of Digital Tools

02:40 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

02:50 pm Networking & Refreshments Break

03:20 pm Paper 5: Next Generation Network: Creating the Backbone of Cities 4.0

03:45 pm Paper 6: IoT Platform: Winning Strategies for Evolving City Needs

04:10 pm Paper 7: 5G Mobile & Network Access: The Road to A Super Connected World

04:35 pm Paper 8: Nurturing Urban Economy through Digital Hub

05:00 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

05:10 pm End of Day 1

Day 2 - 28 Aug 2018


11:00 am Networking & Refreshments Break

11:30 am Paper 9: Fostering Seamless Multimodal Transportation Access & Efficient Connectivity

11:55 am Paper 10: Advanced Vehicular and Transportation Technologies for Smart Mobility and Traffic Control

12:20 pm Paper 11: Electromobility and the Vehicle of the Future

12:45 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

12:55 pm Luncheon for Guest Speakers and Delegates

01:55 pm Paper 13: Smart Utilities: Maximising Digitised Solutions to Improve Efficiency & Meeting Customers’ Expectation

02:20 pm Paper 14: Smart Grid: Efficient, Flexible and Interactive

02:45 pm Paper 15: Advanced Technologies for Reliable Water Supply

03:10 pm Paper 16: Intelligent Waste Management for Smart Cities

03:35 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

03:45 pm Luncheon for Guest Speakers and Delegates

04:15 pm Paper 17: Technologies & Solutions that Making Cities Getting Smarter Healthcare

04:40 pm Paper 18: How Would Smart City Impacting Education?

05:05 pm Paper 19: Safe City: Using Smart Tech for Public Security

05:30 pm Paper 20: Revolutionising Public Services in Cities of the Future

05:55 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

06:05 pm End of Conference

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