China International Bond Investment Forum 2017

Date: 26-27 Oct 2017
Location: Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong

ASK: Hi Total Financ, China is now one of the world’s largest economy and an important global player, we are confident that your China Internal Bond Investment Forum will be a success. Will you be able to share with us more about the event, why did you organize this and what are the agenda of the event?


Why we will organize this:

Bond Connect officially launched on July 3, 2017.However some serious concerns are still making most of overseas investors hesitate. Which are liquidity, capital controls, Thin Trading, inflated Credit Ratings and other policy details issue. All these matters need to be discussed in depth to explore the current ‘bond Connect’ in the context of the bond market's latest business cooperation and hot questions. That’s why Total Finance will be hosting CHINA BOND INVESTMENT FORUM 2017 .


DAY 1:Discussion of Opportunities and Challenges of Internationalization of Chinese Bond Market

09:00    Discuss the internationalization of Ren Min Bi from the macro perspective Chief Economis

09:40    China's monetary policy and economic cycles

09:40    Latest Policies and Impact of Chinese Bond Market Exchange

10:20    China's monetary policy and economic cycles

11:00    Tea breaks and networking

11:20    High-level Dialogue:Opportunities and Challenges for the Internationalization of Chinese

Bond Market

12:10    Buffet lunch and networking

14:00    Roundtable Dialogue :What risks and challenges does “Bond Connect” have? How to pre

15:00    Tea breaks and networking

15:30    High-level Dialogue:Discuss the investment strategy and direction of China's bond market

16:30    Discuss The difficulties and key points of China's high-yield bond market

12:10    Buffet lunch and networking

17:00    End of forum.

DAY 2: Discuss the risks of cross-border investment in China’s bond market, strategies and derivatives focusing.

09:00    Discuss the risks of cross-border investment in bond market and hedge strategies in international perspective

09:40   Roundtable Dialogue: US dollar bonds of Chinese issuers

10:40   tea breaks and networking

11:00   Roundtable Dialogue :Development and tendency of Chinese green bond market

12:00   Buffet lunch and networking

14:00   Half a day training

ASK: We managed to get a glimpse of the impressive list of the speakers and attendees. Will you be able to share a little more on a few key note speakers and the topics that they will be speaking on?


High-level Dialogue:Opportunities and Challenges for the Internationalization of Chinese Bond Market

  • China’s being included in the global main bond indexes and its market influence on issuers of bond and investors
  • Discussion of interest rate fluctuation of Chinese bond market and hedging tools
  • Currency risk and fluidity of secondary market
  • Integration of domestic rating and international rating
  • Opportunity and Influence of The Belt and Road Initiative to Chinese bond market

What risks and challenges does “Bond Connect” have? How to prevent?

  • Exchange rate of Chinese bond market
  • Discussion of pricing and tendency of onshore and offshore Ren Min Bi and  exchange rate risk
  • Discussion the trend of participants in open foreign exchange markets
  • The Long-term effect on North to North Pass
  • Conditions for opening and  the trend of Southbound Pass

Discuss the investment strategy and direction of China's bond market

  • Analysis and evaluation of Chinese credit bond market
  • Chinese and international financial reporting differences
  • Discuss the feasibility plan and innovation idea of the Bond Liquidity Rating
  • The risk of bond default
  • Discuss the development of Renminbi denominated financial products

US dollar bonds of Chinese issuers

  • Industry distribution and rating
  • City investment bonds, Financial bonds, Real estate debt, Central enterprises and other debt
  • Current Situation and Trend of Financing of US Dollars in Chinese Enterprises
  • Pricing trends and risk identification

Development and tendency of Chinese green bond market

  • Will the green market turn from being policy-driven to market-driven?
  • Domestic and foreign investors’ reception degree of China’s green bonds
  • Supervisory, legal and taxation framework of China
  • Latest green bond exchange and its structure

ASK: How about the attendees, what should they be looking out for during the event? Will they be able to get the chance to ask the valued panelists their set of burning questions?


We will take a group of Chinese experts who understand the Chinese bond market to speak,the speaker changed to the following:

  • Zhou Zhaoping, Vice President, Decenture and Currency Products Development, Market Development Branch, HKEx
  • Soren Elbech, Treasurer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Cheng Peng, General manager , Genial Flow Asset Management
  • Cui Li, Managing Director and Director of Macro Research, China Chief Economist Forum Director, CCB International
  • Zhang Yongcheng, Deputy General Manager and Chief Trader of Global Market Interest Rate Exchange, Bank of China (Hong Kong)
  • Chen Mingqiao, North Asia Financial Markets Director, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Greater China
  • Zhao Zhixuan, Vice President of Integrated Business Management Team, China Construction Bank (Asia)
  • Lian Yiu Tung, Head of Trading, Forex and Local Markets, BNP Paribas Global Markets
  • Yini GONG, General Manager, Bank of China Shanghai Trading Center
  • Bi Ke Rong, Co-head of ICBC Asia Financial Markets
  • Isaac MENG, Senior Vice President and Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager, ,PIMCO
  • Yingzhe SHI, Associate Professor of School of finance, Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Xiao Hua, Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch Global Financial Markets Chief Bank Bond Trader
  • Yunfei JANG, Chairman and Chief Investment, Long lifeInvestment
  • Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, ICMA Asia Pacific

ASK: I can see that your list of attendees are rather long, for those who have yet to sign up, who else should be attending this forum, CIOs, CFOs, Heads of Desk, Portfolio Managers?


Regulatory Agencies; Economists; Commercial Banks; Insurance Companies; Security Companies; Fund Management Companies; Accounting Firms; Law Firms; Consulting Companies; Exchanges; Transaction Platform.

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