Columbia University and China Baotou Steel Launch a EcoPartnership Pilot

Date: 25 May 2017
Location: Core Plaza, No.1 Shanyuan Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Aiming for a zero-waste future for the industry, researchers Alissa Park and Sean Zhou from Columbia University’s engineering school have developed a process to extract valuable materials from slag – the waste of iron and steel production – for use in a range of industries, including iron & steel, paper, plastic, cement, oil, and gas. Additional benefits of this project includes reducing overall carbon emissions by using industrially emitted carbon dioxide as one of the reactants in their process.

In partnership with Baotou Steel in China, one of the world's largest steel producers, the researchers will launch a pilot study at the Baotou Steel factory in Inner Mongolia, China. If the project is successful, it could substantially reduce the solid waste that has built up in countries with a heavy steel and iron-manufacturing presence, including the United States and China, while reducing the amount of raw material needed in manufacturing and construction.

On May 25 at the press briefing, details of this groundbreaking new technology and the planning of the pilot in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will be revealed for the first time by Alissa Park and Sean Zhou.

Special Guests

Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park, Lenfest Professor in Applied Climate Science, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering & Department of Chemical Engineering, Director of Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, Columbia University; Co-founder of GreenOre CleanTech

Xiaozhou (Sean) ZHOU, Associate Research Scientist, Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, Project Lead, and Chief Executive Officer of GreenOre CleanTech

Huangjing ZHAO, Chief Technology Officer, GreenOre CleanTech

Shuanshi WEI, President, Baotou Steel

Ying PAN, Senior Vice President, Baotou Steel

Zhihong LIU, Chief Financial Officer and Economist, Baotou Steel

Jock Whittlesey, Environment, Science, Technology and Health Counselor at U.S. Embassy Beijing

Stefan Whitney, U.S. Embassy Beijing

Secretariat, US-China EcoPartnership, National Development and Reform Commission, People's Republic of China

Xin PENG, Chief Financial Officer, Columbia Global Center

Please Note

The event is open to ticket holders only (Entrance priority for CU alumni)

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