2023 Latin America Outlook Webinar Series

Date: 20-23 Mar 2023
Location: Online

In a special newsletter issue we’ve put out since 2017, AMI’s team of experts has offered outlooks for all of LatAm and our specialty industries, all from the perspective of:

  • The Good: Positive developments and opportunities
  • The Bad: Expected problems and challenges
  • The Ugly: Factors which could lead to a worst-case or black swan scenario

But this year we wanted to go beyond simple articles and directly interact with our audience.


Webinar Series

That’s why we have created a Good-Bad-Ugly webinar series. Each webinar will take place on a different day, starting on March 20, and each will cover a different topic. You can register for just one, for more than one or for all of them—that’s your decision. Topics include:

March 20: General Good-Bad-Ugly Outlook for Latin America, 2023

[12:30 PM EST]

March 21: Latin America Payments Good-Bad-Ugly Outlook, 2023

[12:30 PM EST]

March 22: Latin America Logistics Good-Bad-Ugly Outlook, 2023

[12:30 PM EST]

March 23: Latin America Energy Good-Bad-Ugly Outlook, 2023

[12:30 PM EST]

Why a Series?

We made this a webinar series for several reasons:

1. Ensuring that each topic is covered thoroughly

2. Allowing the audience to ask questions about our good-bad-ugly analyses in each focused event

3. Ensuring that people can sign up for just one event in the series, more than one event or all of them—but they only have to register once, regardless of the event or events they choose


Why Attend

Understand both risk and rewards with LatAm in general or with specific industries

Identify the LatAm markets with best growth potential—and which offer major pitfalls

See which larger trends are affecting payments, logistics and energy in 2023 and beyond

Obtain hard data on market shifts in different sectors and countries

Next Steps

Click here to register: you’ll see a box next to each event in the series just above the registration form

Pick one, two, three or all of them—it all depends on your interest

Sign up and receive your confirmation

Don’t miss this deeper dive into what to expect in Latin America as 2023 unfolds!

MARCH 20 | MARCH 21 | MARCH 22 | MARCH 23

12:30 pm EST start time on each day


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