IFN Asia Forum

Date: 23-24 Apr 2019
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Anchoring big players like Malaysia and Indonesia, the Asian Islamic capital market has been leading the global industry, not only in size, but also in innovation and diversification. The sophisticated infrastructure of Malaysia is a hallmark of excellence globally, the immense potential of Indonesia’s population and its flourishing sovereign Sukuk market remains captivating to many and the phenomenal market expansion rates in Pakistan and Bangladesh are widely envied. 

Together, along with various other newcomers like the Maldives and Sri Lanka – which is looking to issue a sovereign Islamic paper – the Asian continent is expected to be at the forefront of the global Shariah compliant debt and equity markets by leveraging advanced and sophisticated regulations, and attracting masses of global investors into the region to subsequently build its rapport with other regions. 

IFN will return to Kuala Lumpur with its prestigious IFN Asia Forum, a two-day event with a renewed focus on issuers and investors on the 23rd-24th April 2019.


DAY 1 - Issuers Day - Capital-raising

09:00 Welcome Remarks and Keynote Address

09:30 Keynote Interview

09:45 Opening Bell: Leading Corporates Discuss Funding and Capital-Raising Options 

We examine funding in key sectors and industries and ask what represents effective corporate finance and capital-raising strategies across multiproduct areas and markets. What do corporates want and what can Islamic finance offer?

How can the Malaysian GLC sector further employ and benefit from Islamic funding options? We ask a high-level panel to share their expertise and views.

10:30 Coffee & Networking

11:00 IFN Fintech Huddle: Power Capital 

What does technological innovation mean for capital-raising and financing for Shariah capital issuers? We discuss blockchain, ICOs and crowdfunding and identify what the next big tech shifts for raising money are.

12:00 IFN Fintech Huddle: The Female Investor 

Do men and women invest differently? What are the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs when seeking funding? Do female technopreneurs in the Muslim world face additional barriers? Why is it important to invest in women?

What can be done to overcome these challenges?

12:45 Lunch and Networking

14:00 Sovereign, Multilateral and Supranational Issuers and the Islamic Market 

We ask a leading panel for their views on sovereign and multilateral agency issuance and ask what Islamic funding facilities can offer governments, development banks and supranational organizations. What are these issuers looking for in terms of pricing, tenor, structure and distribution?

15:00 An Audience With...

15:25 Presentation: Talent Development in Islamic finance

15:35 Green Sukuk and Finance: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Projects 

With SRI regulatory frameworks in place, the rise of stewardship and responsible investment, assets available and in many cases, fully Shariah compliant, green finance has a bright future. Through recent notable transactions we analyze product structures, investor demand, rating and reporting issues and ask whether green Sukuk is the way forward for funding sustainable and environmentally responsible projects and achieving sustainable development goals in Southeast Asia.

16:25 Funding, Liquidity Issues and Supervision of Islamic Financial Institutions 

We identify and discuss operational issues and challenges faced by Islamic financial institutions, including adherence to Basel III liquidity and IFSB regulatory requirements. What other supervisory and regulatory issues do Islamic financial institutions face and what are the solutions? What can regulatory capital Sukuk issuance and the use of tools such as commodity Murabahah offer Islamic financial institutions going forward?

17:00 Forum Close and Refreshment

DAY 2 - Investors Day

09:10 Keynote Address

09:25 The Islamic Asset Management Industry: Challenges and Opportunities Going Forward 

Where is the market today for Islamic asset management and from where will growth originate? Is Shariah compliant asset management a thematic investment strategy or a viable, self-supporting industry? Does the industry need to become more aligned to ESG/SRI? What is next for the Islamic ETF market? Through an engaging panel we seek answers. We also look at key challenges facing the industry, from product innovation to improving distribution channels through technology.

10:30 Coffee & Networking

11:00 Gold - Opportunities for Financial Innovation 

Recent Shariah rulings have provided opportunities for products based around gold. We take a detailed look at this interesting and innovative area.

11:20 IFN Fintech Huddle: Digital Invasion – Rise of the Machines 

Will robo-advisors take over traditional asset managers? Is the market ready for digital-only products? How are big data and AI influencing the discipline? What other technology is driving change in the asset management sector?

11:50 Industry Leader Interview

12:05 IFN Fintech Huddle: Where's the money at? 

What makes an ecosystem that promotes the successful integration of investors, accelerators and technology entrepreneurs?

12:35 Pitch Playground 

An exclusive opportunity to hear technology ventures at various funding stages pitch their businesses and ideas.

12:55 Luncheon

14:00 Environmental, Socially Responsible Investing and Islamic Investment: Opportunities for Development and Growth 

We examine responsible, environmental and green finance in Asia and ask how ethical and Islamic finance can potentially become closer interlinked. We also discuss how Southeast Asia can grow its existing ESG niche among asset managers and owners and what role Islamic and ESG asset management can play toward achieving sustainable development goals. Do green bonds and Sukuk offer viable long-term investments and how can the industry address the relative scarcity of credible climate-related and low-carbon investment opportunities? When will Asia see the launch of a socially conscious ETF?

15:00 Real Estate Investment and REITs in Southeast Asia: Opportunities for Islamic Investors 

Through an expert panel we discuss the evolution of the real estate investment and REIT market in Southeast Asia. How has the REIT market performed, what can we expect in the coming year and what is current investor sentiment and appetite? We discuss the role of regulation, asset quality and diversification. We also analyze direct real estate investment and assess the opportunities on offer for Shariah compliant investors.

15:45 Innovation in Islamic Investment Management: Waqf 

We discuss the growing importance of revitalizing Waqf through the development and use of innovative capital market instruments. We examine how, through innovative products and services, we can further develop Waqf assets in order to facilitate growth in the Islamic investment and asset management industry, thereby promoting financial inclusion and social development.

16:30 Forum Close and Refreshment

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