IFN Dialogues KSA

Date: 30 May 2022
Location: Riyadh


9:00am Keynote Address


  • Identifying important new opportunities for Shariah compliant sectors in the Kingdom: privatization, healthcare and the holy cities.
  • Are there new opportunities for direct real estate investment and private equity by overseas investors in Saudi Arabia?
  • Examining the success of the diversified fundraising program of the National Debt Management Center of the Ministry of Finance .
  • The huge success of Saudi Aramco’s first international dollar Sukuk – why and how the deal was so successful.
  • Beyond listed Sukuk: what are the opportunities presented by the private placement market?
  • Shariah compliant funding options for infrastructure and large-scale projects.
  • Restructuring and refinancing Islamic capital markets transactions in the Kingdom.
  • Latest thinking on the application of the Murabahah structure to capital markets, with relevance to AAOIFI standards.

11:30am Coffee and Networking


Islamic Sustainable and Responsible Investing in Saudi Arabia

  • The dazzling prospects for global Islamic sustainable finance and investment in the Kingdom.
  • The emergence and growth of renewable energy in Saudi Arabia: opportunities and funding options.
  • The development of effective Islamic responsible funds and investment products.
  • Exploring the potential for private sector financing of green infrastructure projects in the Kingdom.
  • Understanding the structure and benefits of transition, sustainable and sustainability-linked investment products.
  • The role of the Saudi Arabian financial regulators in the development of important sustainable investment regulatory, reporting and disclosure requirements.
  • Fit for purpose: measuring the long-term benefit of green and sustainable financial investments.

2:00pm Luncheon


Digital Assets, Digitization and the Evolution of Islamic Financial Services

  • The importance of recent initiatives by Saudi Arabian regulators in creating an environment for the enhancement of the domestic financial services sector's digital infrastructure.
  • The likely effects of bank mergers on the digitization of Islamic financial services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Evaluating regulator-fostered sandboxes: learning from the success stories.
  • Beyond retail: developing and distributing effective and attractive Shariah compliant digital wealth management, investment, and insurance products in the Kingdom.
  • Financial services for the mass market: the emergence of the full service, digital Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia.
  • The development of systems and software for Islamic banks: driving scale, integrity and efficiency.
  • The tangible benefits of peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding: how these key technologies can be further applied to today’s Saudi Arabian banking and financial markets.
  • How are Stablecoins, non-fungible tokens, utility tokens, equity tokens and other digital assets being applied to Saudi Arabian financial markets ?

What is the potential for new and structured products based on cryptocurrencies for the domestic market: ETFs and complex leverage mechanisms such as DeFi (decentralized finance)?

An Islamic banking and finance pioneer, with strong governmental support, Saudi Arabia’s Shariah banking industry holds a 51.5% share of its domestic market.

The Kingdom shows no signs of slowing down, and with a well-established domestic debt market, it has the benefit of easily issuing local currency Sukuk. IFN returns to Saudi Arabia for the eighth time to host a new and unique series of IFN Dialogues, exploring the hurdles and opportunities in one of the most active and influential markets in the Islamic financial world.

The IFN KSA Dialogues are a series of extended discussions among leading industry players, both domestic and international, to discuss and identify the Kingdom’s most pressing issues.

The three scheduled Dialogues will focus on: Islamic Capital Markets, Banking, and Investment; The Convergence of Islamic and Sustainable Investing in the Kingdom; and the role Digital Innovation, Technology and FinTech will play in the KSA.

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