IFN Forum Asia 2021

Date: 06 Dec 2021


About The Forum

The IFN Asia Forum is the region’s largest Islamic finance gathering. An annual ‘must attend’ business event for Islamic finance professionals from around the world, IFN Asia is a confluence of the brightest and most influential personalities of the industry, bringing quality and relevant discussions to the stage and invaluable networking opportunities.

Asia is recognized by the world as the bastion of Islamic finance housing the world’s most populous Muslim nation and largest Islamic finance market. With the support of regulators and multilateral Islamic finance organizations IFN Asia Forum 2021 will take place at the heart of Islamic finance in the region, Kuala Lumpur.

As the center of Islamic capital-raising activities by volume and its diversity of instruments and issuers, the Forum will embody themes exploring Shariah financing through the banking and capital markets from both the perspectives of issuers and facilitators.

An Introduction to 2021

At REDmoney, 2020 taught us much about the state of the events business. What works, what doesn’t and how to continue delivering unparalleled programs to our global audience.

It’s a fundamental element of our business going forward, and we will continue to adapt to ensure we remain relevant and our events remain the industry’s best.

The global appetite and requirements for converging has shifted and now more than ever, we are strategically planning our events to adapt to these changes in the face of disruption without compromising on the quality of knowledge transfer and outreach.

Technological advancements have given rise to exciting opportunities in developing new formats that allows unlimited real time interaction remotely.

Moving forward, we will deliver a blend of physical and online events, ensuring the best of both worlds. Physical interaction is important to many, whilst travel and time away from the office isn’t always necessary to reach new markets.

For 2021, through careful research and planning, we have curated bespoke events online and offline with your interest in mind.


9:00am Welcome

9:05am Keynote Address

9:20am The Islamic Economy:

Improving Livelihoods and Creating Prosperity

With Southeast Asian nations looking to kick-start economic recovery through commercial activity and stimulus, it is time for the Islamic economy, and all its components, to show its true mettle.

Have we truly grasped the importance of the Halal economy to the prosperity of regional economies, as well as to the continued growth of Islamic financial institutions?

What role will Southeast Asian Islamic financial institutions play in meeting the challenges of the real economy through mobilizing the funding and liquidity support necessary to stimulate the vital SME and corporate sectors?

And through socially impactful strategies, how can Islamic financial institutions inspire and support entrepreneurship, thereby creating jobs and improving livelihoods? We seek the views of a distinguished panel.

10:30am Keynote Address

10:50am Coffee

11:20am Funding Opportunities and Growth: Southeast Asian Islamic Corporate Finance and Capital Markets

What do Southeast Asian Islamic credit markets look like in the coming 12 months, and what are the options for potential corporate, sovereign and supranational issuers?

What are investors demanding in terms of pricing, tenor, rating, structure as well as other factors such as ESG? What do the major Southeast Asia centers offer as listing destinations for Sukuk issuance, as well as other products such as investment trusts and ETFs?

How can Shariah compliant instruments, including Sukuk, be further applied to the funding of alternative asset classes in the region?

How significant are recent dollar-denominated green and sustainability-linked sovereign Sukuk? How is technology such as blockchain shaping and influencing Islamic corporate finance and capital markets, considering notable recent innovations by GCC Islamic banks?

Finally, how can global and regional regulation and standards applicable to the issue of Shariah compliant financing products, be more effectively aligned for the good of the market?

12:30pm Operational Issues Facing Islamic Financial Institutions in Southeast Asia

Through a respected panel we address two current, important operational issues affecting Islamic financial institutions and financial products.

Firstly, we discuss reform of global benchmarks, the transition to risk-free rates and the implications for Islamic financial products. Secondly, we examine the development of liquidity management tools, including repurchase agreements and their Shariah compliant equivalents, and how they offer value to regional Islamic financial institutions.

1:15pm Luncheon

2:30pm Fostering Linkages and Promoting Opportunities between Islamic Finance and Social Finance

Financial activities that deliver tangible social impact represent a range of new and interesting opportunities to deploy innovative community-wide Shariah compliant finance solutions. How can Islamic financial institutions support microenterprises and entrepreneurship through schemes such as iTEKAD in Malaysia?

How can Islamic finance play a pivotal role in the development of gender finance products and policies, empowering women, narrowing gender inequality and driving financial inclusion? How can Shariah compliant finance be further applied to social impact initiatives, enriching lives through the advancement of education, health and well-being?

With such goals in mind, how do we design effective models and strategies, offer innovative products and measure the impact of these important initiatives?

3:45pm The Evolution of Southeast Asian Islamic Financial Technology

The IFN FinTech Landscape identifies 65 Shariah compliant fintech providers in Southeast Asia, making the region an important Islamic fintech center. How do we assess the rapid evolution of Shariah compliant fintech in Southeast Asia and what is the value proposition, market positioning and comparative advantage of our Islamic fintech offerings?

With five digital bank licenses available in Malaysia, and with the digital banking sector in Malaysia about to experience a tectonic shift, what will the challenger banks look like and how will Shariah compliant products feature?

Will we witness the successful mass positioning of appealing Islamic digital retail, wealth management and pension offerings in the region?

What is the potential for regional government-sponsored fintech growth funds and how would these assist start-ups?

What else can be done to fill the funding gap and provide the capital necessary for Southeast Asian Islamic fintechs to achieve their potential? We seek the views of an expert panel.

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