REDmoney Seminars Presents 'Investment Crowdfunding & Digital Investment Management'

Date: 14-15 Mar 2023
Location: Online


The next generation of financial innovation is being effectively deployed by market practitioners, and initiatives such as equity crowdfunding (ECF), peer-to-peer financing (P2P) and digital investment management are already embedded in today’s financial landscape.

Some of these ideas are not new – forms of crowdfunding, for example, have been around for centuries. However, how these ideas are applied to contemporary financing and capital raising, and the technology being deployed is very much at the cutting edge.

With companies of all sizes looking to access marketplace financing, and with digital assets becoming evermore mainstream, gaining a thorough understanding of what these products are, how they are applied and how they will evolve is crucial. This is true for all market participants: advisors and intermediaries, investors, entrepreneurs and companies seeking finance, and regulators and market supervisors.

This 6-hour online course introduces key concepts and mechanics of marketplace financing and key parties in the process. The program dissects current, significant digital initiatives such as equity, debt and forfaiting crowdfunding and examines market characteristics, features, opportunities, and challenges.

We then take time to assess important considerations such as risk, regulation, and future innovation, assessing the potential for market growth and further product development.

Key Takeaways and Learning Objectives

  • Understand key crowdfunding concepts, structures, and players
  • Examine the key tenets of investment crowdfunding, and the different activities it can be applied to
  • Assess features, risks, and downsides of each form of investment crowdfunding
  • Understand the potential size of investment crowdfunding
  • Identify main players and activities, and how this is changing global markets
  • Understand key tenets of Digital Investment Management (DIM)
  • Examine in detail the workings and objectives of crowdfunding and digital investment management platforms
  • Identify and manage key risks in crowdfunding and DIM
  • Understand how regulators have responded to various forms of crowdfunding and digital investment management
  • Identify the workings of a digital asset exchange (DAX), initial equity offering (IEO) and digital asset custody (DAC)
  • Putting it all together and funding a tangible enterprise: the complete ecosystem - DAX, IEO and DAC


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