REDmoney Seminars Presents 'LIBOR Transition for Financial Institutions'

Date: 17 Nov 2021
Location: Online

Why This Program?

In July 2017, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that LIBOR was coming to an end. Banks will be required to transition away from LIBOR to Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) based on overnight wholesale deposit rates from the end of 2021. Without any doubt, this transition is one of the largest upheavals of the financial markets in living memory. It creates enormous change requirements for banks across multiple asset classes, including loans, bonds, Sukuk, and derivatives. So how will banks manage this change and what challenges will banks need to overcome?

This course has been designed for banking practitioners who need to understand the key, pressing issues for transition to the new Risk-Free Rates (RFRs). The course provides instruction on how to establish a transition plan to manage the change, as well as managing legacy contracts, applying RFRs to new contracts, legal documentation, customer communications, and pricing. The course is highly interactive and provides delegates ample opportunity to raise questions and discuss solutions.

Key Highlights and Takeaways:

  • Gain critical understanding as to how the LIBOR transition will impact your bank
  • Learn how to formulate and implement a LIBOR transition plan for your bank across all key, relevant products and impacted departments
  • Understand the new Overnight Risk-Free Rates and how will they be administered
  • Understand the transition for Shariah compliant products, including Sukuk


Each session will be interactive in a seminar format, with participants encouraged to engage with questions throughout.


This two-part training program will be delivered online through a stable, secure and free-to-access platform. The program itself will be delivered through lectures, worked examples and case studies in order to ensure a detailed and practical understanding of the program content. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact with the program director. Login details and program materials will be sent to participants upon receipt of payment.


Part 1: Understanding the Essential Components of LIBOR Transition

  • Reasons for the transition from LIBOR to Risk-Free Rates (RFRs)
  • What are the new Overnight Risk-Free Rates and how will they be administered?
  • How are term rates going to be treated, and what are ‘synthetic term rates’?
  • Overnight index swaps (OIS) and the discount curve
  • Timelines for implementation

Part 2: Developing and Implementing an Effective Transition Plan

  • Identifying LIBOR dependencies
  • Fallback provisions, protocols and legacy contracts
  • IT systems and process changes
  • Accounting changes
  • Risk management
  • Client communications

Part 3: Reviewing and Managing Key Products and Pricing

  • Which products are impacted by the transition?
  • Backward compounded term reference rates versus forward-looking term reference rates
  • Credit Adjustment Spread (CAS) method for term products
  • Bonds and Floating Rate Notes
  • Derivative instruments and ISDAs
  • The Shariah compliance of Islamic financial instruments and alternative structures
  • Implications for Sukuk instruments


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