The 5th China NPL Investment and Restructuring Forum

Date: 18 - 19 April 2019
Location: Shanghai, China


The US and China economies, the world’ s two current major growth engines, will slow down at the same time next year, with gradually rising interest rates and low liquidity. The China Financial Stability Report issued by the People’ s Bank of China has pointed out, “In 2019, while China is undergoing a transition from high-speed growth to high-quality growth and a restructuring, some financial risks with the nature of the ‘gray rhinoceros’ may still be released.” In China, the debts of local governments could account for 60-70% in China’ s GDP. In the context that the regulations on real estate will not be apparently loosened, the macroeconomic growth keeps bottoming out and the direction of the financial supervision remains unchanged, the debt pressure on some local governments may continue emerging.

In the complex economic situation, how governments, supervisors and market-oriented institutions should prepare themselves for and tackle risks is Chinese government’ s top priority in preventing and controlling systemic financial risks in 2019. The 5th China NPL Investment and Restructuring Forum , an international event initiated by Total Finance, will be held in Shanghai from April 18 to 19, 2019. This summit will focus on the key topic of risk prevention and intensive treatment and combine domestic and overseas capitals with trans-regional and multi-industry institutions to jointly make a contribution to financial institutions’ effort to alleviate risk pressures and help distressed enterprises. It has sent sincere invitations to government supervisors, industry leaders, and professionals so that they could gather in Shanghai to develop solutions for the orderly development of the Chinese market of NPL investment and bankruptcy reorganization!


Day 1

模块一 /Module 1


Delving into the trend of Chinese economy from the perspective of long period and discussing over the value of implementing the corporate bankruptcy system

09:00 从长周期视角,展望2019年中国经济的走势

An outlook of Chinese economy in 2019 from the perspective of long period



A discussion over the value and the influence of the corporate bankruptcy system

09:40 中国宏观经济视角下,不良资产行业的发展趋势与建议

Development trend of NPL and suggestions from the perspective of China’ s macro-economy

10:00 茶歇及行业交流

Tea break and industrial exchange

模块二 /Module 2


Grasping opportunities and envisioning China’s special opportunity investment market in 2019

10:30 纾困基金如何化解上市公司债务危机

How bailout funds resolve listed companies’ debt crisis

10:50 探讨国际资本与中国本土机构的融合共赢

A discussion over the fusion and win-win situation between international capitals and Chinese local institutions

11:00 金融机构不良资产单项债权的投资策略与合作Investment tactics of financial institutions’ single claims of NPL and cooperation 11:30 圆周对话:探讨危困企业的“止血”“输血”与“重生”

Pannel Discussion: A discussion over the “hemostasis” , “transfusion” , and “rebirth” of distressed enterprises

12:30 午宴 Luncheon

Day 2

下午 PM 模块三 /Module 3


Steady progress and the participation path of institutional investors and long-term funds in NPL investment

14:00 机构投资者需要什么样的GP?探索多方合作模式与要素

What GP do institutional investors need? Exploration of multi-party cooperation patterns and elements

14:20 缓解资金配置压力,探讨保险机构直接参与不良资产投资的方式

Share auction All-Net-sale, China's standardized credit auction disposal service PlatformRelieving the pressures of capital allocation and exploring the methods for insurance institutions to directly participate in NPL investment

14:40 圆桌对话:国际资本、信托、险资与机构投资者等专业资金,如何更好在不良资产价值链条的定位以及多种投资策略的选取

Pannel Discussion: How do professional funds including international capitals, trusts, insurance investment, and institutional investors make a better positioning in the NPL value chain and choose among various investment tactics

15:00 茶歇&行业交流 Coffee Break & Networking

模块四 /Module 4


Frontier innovation, differentiated competition and cross-over cooperation in China’s NPL market

16:00 动产类不良资产处置难点与产业结合

Difficulties in the disposal of movable NPL and industrial combination

16:20 P2P行业脱困之道与投资价值

The way out and the investment value of the P2P industry

16:40 发挥债委会力量与作用,助力企业渡过难关

Giving full play to the strength and the role of debt committee to help enterprises pull through

17:00 第一天会议结束End of Day 1

17:10-20:00 闭门论坛/Private forum


Exchange banquet for special opportunity investment leaders (the guests are subject to review and should be institution founders, chairmen of board, general managers, and professionals and there are only 30 seats) 探讨话题/Topics:


As the NPL industry tends to be rational, how to be on guard against secondary NPL? 建立信任,探讨多重合作模式

Building trust and exploring the patterns of multiple cooperation 本土机构如何更好的搭上国际资本的“直通车”

How can local institutions make better use of international capitals? 银行不良资产债权包未来的价格走势,拐点在何处?

Where are the turning points of the future prices of banks’ packages of NPL claims? 回顾2015年-2018年不良资产投资的那些“坑”

A retrospect of the “traps” of NPL investment from 2015 to 2018

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