The Future of E-Commerce in Latin America

Date: 15 Sept 2023
Location: Online

In this webinar, we’re using exclusive market data to highlight 5 future market realities for LatAm e-commerce:

1. The new normal of payment methods in a multi-rail market   

2. How retail platforms and wallets will change e-shopping 

3. The new growth markets in LatAm e-commerce and the payment methods driving them

4. Challenges due to fragmentation with cross-border payment enablement

5. How open finance, generative AI and other factors will be levers of future growth

Attending offers you two major benefits.

First, you’ll obtain dozens of crucial market insights you CANNOT find in available e-commerce reports on Latin America, such as:

  • 5 factors propelling LatAm e-commerce, with growth projections through 2026
  • A breakdown of the market share of each key vertical (retail, travel, streaming, gaming and more), along with a forecast of growth for each vertical from 2023-2026
  • 3 factors that make Latin America the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world right now—even more than Asia, Europe or the US
  • Per-capita e-commerce spend for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru 
  • Current payment method share and projected growth for each method through 2026
  • Why Pix has grown so dramatically in Brazil…and what this means for other countries 
  • 7 value-added solutions are driving wallet adoption
  • Why retail groups are dominating LatAm e-commerce 
  • How increasing acceptance of alternative payment methods and 4 other factors are driving cross-border e-commerce growth

The second reason you should attend is to understand all of this data.

Our expert presenters will explain how all of this data clearly shows us the 5 future realities in e-commerce.

But most importantly, they’ll reveal how your company can prepare for these realities by developing business strategies to take advantage of them.

Don’t miss this rare combination of data and strategy ideas that are pared to your business objectives.

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