Chuck Bean is the CEO of the method effect ( a Canadian consultancy and advisory firm. Mr. Bean specializes in developing strategies for businesses wishing of any size to grow and expand; from start-up to mature.

He also provides liaison services between Chinese and North Americans wishing to engage in import or export businesses. He can assist in formulating strategies, creating a brand, ensuring that local customs and relationships are respected and providing insights into all operational and functional areas of a business relationship.

His 35-year career includes, among others, working as COO of Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. (oil and gas services), CEO of Baxter Bean & Associates, Inc. (consultancy), and VP Sales of Wyant Corp (Paper Products).

Mr. Bean has worked in different parts of the world and has a deep understanding of the complexities of global businesses and the North American and Chinese markets.

Mr. Bean frequently travels between Calgary and Phoenix and provides services throughout North America.

Chuck Bean

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