Consultant, Beijing Commercial Enterprise Management Association

Vice Director, Expert Committee of Time-honored Chinese Brands

Senior Economist

Working Experience:

January 1994: Mr. Gao chaired a seminar for time-honored Chinese brands where he consulted well-known professors from the Renmin University of China and the Beijing Technology and Business University (formerly Beijing Business School). Since then he has been engaged enthusiastically in the promotion and revitalization of time-honored Chinese brands and has delivered hundreds of speeches and organized numerous lecturers and forums at government agencies, universities (including Tsinghua University and Peking University), media agencies, industry associations and commercial enterprises.

2004 – 2005: Mr. Gao pioneered the launching of a series of national level campaigns (including  the Time-honored Brands Customer Base Expansion, Time-honored Brands Upgrading (Franchise) and Time-honored Brands Rejuvenation Campaigns).

2005: Mr. Gao became the inaugural Secretary General of the Beijing Time-honored Brands Association and also an expert of the Time-honored Brands Revitalization Program sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce.

Gao Yidao

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