Dr. Liu is a graduate of Peking University (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees from Department of Psychology), and now is a faculty member of Beijing Forestry University:

  • Member of the Vocational Guidance Expert Committee, of China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

  • Member of the Employee Psychological Counseling & Research Expert Panel, under China Machinery Industry Federation (previously under the Ministry of Machinery Industry)

  • Distinguished Psychological Counselor, General Administration of Sport

  • Member of the Environmental and Ecological Psychology Expert Council, Chinese Association of Social Psychology

  • Senior Occupational Coach Technician, Senior Occupational Information Analyst, and Counseling Psychologist certified by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security

  • Expert Supervisor of the Volunteer Hotline for 2008 Olympics and Paralympics

From 2003 to 2016, Dr. Liu participated in the National Occupational Coach Technicians Qualification Accreditation Initiative, and worked on the formulation of national standards, compilation of textbooks, conduction of training sessions, preparation of test papers, and qualification reviews. From 2006 to 2016, he took part in the National Counseling Psychologist Qualification Accreditation Initiative, and was dedicated to the compilation of textbooks, undertaking of training sessions, preparation of test papers, and qualification reviews. From 2006 to 2009, he participated in the National Occupational Information Analyst Qualification Accreditation Initiative, and was actively involved in the formulation of national standards, compilation of textbooks, preparation of test papers, and qualification reviews.

In addition to a number of national level qualification appraisal initiatives, he was also involved in many senior officials appraisal schemes conducted by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and its regional offices (including Beijing, Shandong and Guangxi). 

Dr. Liu advised the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Organization Department of Beijing Municipal Committee on management consultation issues, and delivered speeches on management and psychology to:

  • The Ministry of Culture (mainly mental health speeches targeting dispatched officials and cultural counselors of the Chinese embassies);
  • The General Administration of Sport (Personnel Department and Human Resource Center), and the National Sports Training Center (national men’s basketball team, national table tennis team, national swimming team, national shooting team, national Go game team, national chess team and national youth synchronized swimming team), and prepared mental health improvement plan for the athletes of the Chinese national teams;
  • The State Forestry Administration; 
  • Beijing G&G Human Resource Development Center; 
  • Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport; and 
  • Criminal Police Group under Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Since 2010, he has been working on and helping retired athletes on their psychological adjustment for career transition. He has been giving lectures and training sessions counseling retired athletes across China on their psychological adjustment.

Dr. Liu has also rendered advisory services, given lectures and organized internal employee mentoring services for a number of corporate clients, including: General Electric, Benz (China), Toyota (headquarters), IBM, China Mobile (headquarters and regional branches), Cummins, DHL, Manpower, Nanjing Fullshare Group (Nanjing Construction Group), Wanda Group, China Daheng Group, Scitech Plaza, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Siemens (China), NOCTI, MDS, Grand Hotel Beijing and Jiangnan Food & Beverage Group, and carried out market (consumer psychology) analysis for Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

He has been involved in significant research of a number of urban ecology appraisal initiatives (regarding city planning and livability) launched by the State Forestry Administration and Beijing Municipality, and taking charge of several sub-projects since 2008.

Dr. Liu served as Psychological Counselor at China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Sunny Club among other organizations, and therefore has extensive experience in management consultation, psychological consultation and training. He has been long cooperating with Red Cross Society, and delivered training and coaching sessions in Shifang (Wenchuan) Psychological Rehabilitation Center.

For his profound professional background in human resource management, psychological consultation and counseling, customer service management and managerial skill development, Dr. Liu was appointed the Expert Supervisor of Volunteer Hotline 12355 for 2008 Olympics and 2008 Paralympics by Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, and won the Advanced Individual award in 2010 in an appreciation for his efforts in counseling Beijing minors. He is also the co-author of China’s Appraisal Report of its Provincial Ecological Development, an article ranked among Excellent Science and Research Achievement of Universities and Colleges awarded by the Ministry of Education.

He has published more than ten papers, and the following books: 

  • Mental Health
  • Personality Test
  • Assessment of Individual Achievements
  • Assessment of Operational Competence
  • Assessment of Cognitive Competence
  • China’s Appraisal Report of its Provincial Ecological Development
  • How to Improve the Mental Health of China National Team Athletes
  • National Qualification Standards – Occupational Coach Technicians
  • Innovative Occupational Guide – New Philosophy
  • Innovative Occupational Guide – New Operations
  • Innovative Occupational Guide – New Practices

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