Mr. Michael Sun is an expert in start-ups, brand consulting and corporate strategy; he has founded 10 companies including 5 joint ventures in China over his past 30 years of professional career in the Media, Sports Entertainment, IT and Finance industries.

Mr. Sun began his career in the sales & marketing of IT products in Europe, founded his companies in brands distribution and marketing consultancy. In 2000 he decides to explore Asia and joint CTBC Financial Holdings, a leading conglomerate in Taiwan as Vice President & Executive Associate to the Chairman involved in group’s strategic investments, mergers & acquisitions and venture capitals where he founded a joint venture with China’s ministry of health in development and sales of hospital information systems and a healthcare Information portal that  later  turned  into  management  consulting  company  servicing leading hospitals and  healthcare organization in Greater China.

In 2004 Mr. Sun jointed International Management Group (IMG) to follow his passion in sports entertainment and media, IMG is world’s most premium sports, entertainment and media company as head of consulting division specialized in brand, leisure and sponsorship services where he successfully turned this new division into the most profitable division in Asia. He was later promoted to Managing Director of IMG China. In his tenure at IMG China he has worked closely with sports authorities, professional leagues, celebrities, media and leading consumer brands including many global fortune 500 companies. He was at the forefront of developing company’s business direction paving the way to bring new IMG businesses into China as well as looking for long term growth strategies in the market. In 2008 he founded CCTV IMG Sports Management co. a joint venture between IMG and CCTV becoming the dominated sports marketing organization in the China sports market where he served as the Executive Vice President.

In 2012 Mr. Sun founded SlamBall China Co., a joint venture with SlamBall LLC, owner and rights holder of an action-pack alternative team sport called SlamBall.  Within the 24 months of launching this new sport entertainment he successfully listed the company on the Shanghai Equity Exchange board (stock. 100112) becoming China’s first single sport entertainment company ever to be listed. In 2015 Mr. Sun launched Euroleague Basketball China Co., a joint venture with leading entertainment company HLBN to own the exclusive rights of Eurleague Basketball in China.

Currently Mr. Sun is the Chairman & CEO of SlamBall China; Greater China Chief Representative of Euroleague Basketball; Exclusive China Representative of National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) and Partner of 11 Group, a Madrid based sports consultancy company active in China for over a decade advise & represent leading sports properties such as La Liga (Spanish Football League), Formula-E Grand Prix and numerous of prestige European soccer clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ACF Florentina in China. Also noticeble Mr. Sun has recently been appointed as key member of the advisory committee to Director of China Sports Administration, chief adviser of Chinese Tennis Association and senior consultant of China Extreme Sports Federation.

Mr. Sun grew up in The Netherlands, educated in US and lived in China for the past 18 years. He is fluent in 3 languages, graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.

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