Doing business in Argentina

Geographical location and territory

Located in the southernmost point of South America, Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world and the second largest in Latin America in terms of land area. Argentina covers 2.8 million Km2, with an additional 969 thousand Km2 on Antarctica. Argentina’s continental land extends 3,694 kilometers north to south (between latitudes 21º and 55º) and 1,423 kilometers from east to west (between longitudes 53º and 63º).

The country has access to the South Atlantic Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean through the Magellan Straits. It borders Uruguay, Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean to the east; Chile to the south and west; and it shares its northern border with Bolivia and Paraguay. Its geographical location provides direct access to a regional population of 240 million, in addition to its own 40 million of inhabitants.

Climate and natural resources

Argentina boasts a wide range of climates and landscapes as well as significant biodiversity due to theexpanse of its territory and topographical diversity. The varied features of its many climates—tropical,cold, temperate, arid—are present in multiple landscapes and terrains. Ice fields, arid deserts, mountainranges, plateaus, plains, steppe vegetation, forests and jungles provide a platform for the development ofan extremely broad range of crops and agricultural activities throughout the country. Arid lands and climesextend from northwest to southeast (in the Puna region and the Andes mountain range in the provincesof Catamarca, La Rioja and San Juan down to the Andean foothills in Patagonia). Many provinces offermore temperate conditions, including Buenos Aires, parts of Entre Ríos, the south and center of Santa Fe,eastern Córdoba and northwestern La Pampa; while sub-tropical, humid climates characterize the provincesof Misiones, Corrientes, northern Entre Ríos, eastern Chaco and the Andean foothills in Jujuy and Salta. Thedry, hot temperatures found in western Chaco contract with the damp, cold temperatures of the wetlandsthroughout the Patagonian Andes in the southwest.

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