• Looking for a Place to Set up Your R&D and Innovation Activities in Europe?

    Why should Flanders be your investment region of choice? 1. We have a culture of innovation and R&D known all over the world; 2. Our government strongly supports R&D and innovation; 3. Our tax friendly system, allowing companies to recover part of their R&D investment. According to the EUROSTAT 2010 Community Innovation Survey, Belgium ranks third in the list of most innovative countries. Belgium owes its place to a 60% portion of Belgian companies having performed innovative activities in the...
  • Looking for the Ideal Place to Set up Your HQ or Sales & Marketing in Europe?

    Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, offers unmatched assets for foreign companies that want to establish a European or regional business presence! Besides its exceptional location at the heart of Europe and long-standing tradition as an exemplary region for establishing European and regional headquarters, Flanders offers foreign companies a unique combination of: 1. Accessibility from all European key locations via particularly well-developed passenger, transportation and...
  • Set Up Your Business in Flanders

    Flanders is the northern, Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, with a population of 6.35 million. The capital of Flanders is Brussels, which is also the capital of Belgium and home to the headquarters of the EU and NATO. Flanders has its own parliament and government. From a legal perspective, there are three different regulatory levels: