• Mining Law in Asia - China

    In China, mining activities are regulated under the Mineral Resources Law and various Administrative Measures. These laws are administered by the Ministry of Land and Resources (MOLAR) and the various provincial, regional and municipal geology and mineral resources departments.
  • Employment Law – China

    Key employment documents include employment contracts, employee handbooks, expatriate assignment agreements, non-compete agreements, and termination agreements. Many employers often wrongly or mistakenly believe that they can adopt the employment documents of their offshore parent companies or affiliates and use them in China with minimal or no revisions.
  • The FCPA and the Anti-Corruption Laws of the PRC

    FCPA makes it a crime to offer anything of value (no minimum) to foreign government officials for the purpose of corruptly influencing an official decision in order to obtain or retain business or improper advantage for oneself or another person.