Switzerland leading center of innovation

Secure, stable, open, tolerant.

Political stability, a federal system, an extensive global trading network – these mainstays of Switzerland represent security, growth and success.

The Swiss governmental system is built on the principle of federalism. It comprises three political levels: the federal government, 26 cantons and some 2,500 communes. The cantons enjoy a wide range of powers and have ample freedom of action in relation to healthcare, education and culture. Each commune sets its own communal tax rate for individuals.

There is a high degree of grassroots involvement in politics. Referenda, initiatives and compulsory resolutions allow voters to play an important role in the political process. This system of direct democracy is unique in Europe. All the major parties are represented in the national government and in the cabinets of the cantons. The stability of the political system guarantees a high degree of reliability for the economy and makes potential risks calculable.

Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. English is widely used in business. The coexistence of different cultures (foreigners make up more than 20 percent of the population) contributes to a climate of openness and tolerance. With its many location advantages, the country offers the best prerequisites for forward-looking research, production and service companies. It is not surprising then that Switzerland is perceived to be one of the most attractive business locations in the world. The Swiss economy is distinguished by a high level of innovation, a well-developed business culture and an efficient labor market.



  • Reliable governance
  • Social, fair and motivating
  • Solid purchasing power
  • Diversity in practice
  • Intelligent, federalistic taxation


  • Where pioneering spirit has a future
  • A sought-after base
  • Wellness for investors
  • Talent is always welcome


  • Hotspot for research and development
  • Education is our greatest capital
  • Strong financial center
  • Space for intellectual property
  • Globally significant industry clusters
  • World-renowned innovations


  • A place where life is enjoyable
  • Unlimited information flow
  • At the heart of Europe
  • Infrastructures that tick like clockwork
  • Where proximity is an advantage
  • The location is the goal

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