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  • IEASA Announces Sale of Two Thermal Power Plants for US $1 Billion

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Power/Utilities
    Integración Energética Argentina (IEASA), successor to ENARSA, has published the bidding documents and specifications for Ensenada de Barragán and Brigadier López thermal power plants. The sale of these two power plants by the Argentine Government, for which it expects to raise about US $1 billion, began on Tuesday, June 12, following the publication of the bidding documents by IEASA.

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Minerals & ResourcesServices: Tax
    Since the 1990s, Argentina’s mining industry has experienced a fast-paced development and become one of the leading business sectors in the country. Argentina’s mining reserves are comparable to those of Chile, Bolivia and Peru, and offer opportunities in minerals such as gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, uranium, lithium and rare earths. This document summarizes the key tax aspects of the industry.
  • Argentina had to address a number of macroeconomic imbalances when President Mauricio Macri took office at the end of 2015

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    The currency scare that Argentina suffered last month caught many by surprise.In fact, a set of risky bets that Argentina’s government undertook starting in December 2015 increased the country’s vulnerability.
  • Argentina: Investments for us$ 8,8 B in freight train network

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Logistics & Transportation
    The Government announced the start-up of the new system of Open Operation of Freight Trains, to lower transport costs and boost the development of regional economies to the full enforcement of this deregulated system, in 2023.
  • Latin America and China: Business Environment and Bilateral Relations

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: EuropeArgentina...Industries: All
    In recent years, the relations between China and Latin America are going through a historical period of rapid and constant development. At present, China plays an important role for the Latin America countries regarding investment, economic cooperation, trade agreements and cultural exchanges.
  • The IMF hands Mauricio Macri a vote of confidence

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    The timing took many by surprise. On June 7th, just four weeks after negotiations began, Argentina’s government declared that it had secured a three-year credit line with the IMF worth $50bn.
  • Argentina to boost SMBs with Chinese financing

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaChinaIndustries: Clean EnergyInfrastructure...
    Argentina plans to boost small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) with Chinese financial cooperation, state daily Telam said on Sunday.
  • Argentina is Back, Invest before June!

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    After 9 years in the frontier markets doghouse, MSCI may likely upgrade Argentina back to emerging markets in June. In addition to a potential upgrade bump, an improving macroeconomic backdrop makes Argentina particularly attractive for investors
  • Rallys Pliauzer: "If Argentina is smart, its main trading partner will be the Asia-Pacific region"

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaChile...Industries: All
    The president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Asia and the Pacific, Mr. Rallys Pliauzer considers that Argentina has a trade deficit with China that must be balanced urgently.
  • China to open imports of Argentina chilled beef and mutton

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ArgentinaChinaIndustries: AgribusinessCommodities & Trade
    On January 17 the first video-conference round table negotiation between the sanitary bodies of Argentina and China took place at the Argentinean Embassy in Beijing. The video conference round table objective was to obtain the Chinese sanitary authorities’ preliminary approval for the import of Argentinean beef and lamb to China in a near future.

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