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  • New MENA Monthly High Stakes Across MENA

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    While Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Mohammad Allawi could get parliamentary approval on his proposed Cabinet, it is unlikely that it will be accepted by protesters, who have been calling for an overhaul of the current political structure since October 2019.
  • Political Transition: A new normal

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    Lebanon has formed a new government primarily composed of appointees endorsed by Hezbollah-aligned parties and oligarchs. This new cabinet has already met with continued protester strife, and its chances of triggering regional and international backing on the back of a commitment to reform, are limited.
  • MENA-India: Strategically driven, historically bound

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    Q1 2020 MENA Outlook Extended Outline MENA-India: Strategically driven, historically bound
  • Lebanon: Rolling with the punches

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    Lebanese protesters are threatening the government over the state of the economy. Our baseline is that the government may resign, leading to another power vacuum.

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