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  • G650ER sets polar circumnavigation record

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: QatarIndustries: Aviation
    In a fitting tribute to mark 50 years since the first moon landing, a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER has set a new record for a circumnavigation of the earth via the two poles by an aircraft.
  • Qatar: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: IraqQatarIndustries: All
    Qatar's economy has not only, as we expected, successfully absorbed the shocks from its neighbours’ boycott two years ago, it has strengthened -- particularly in banking and foreign reserves.
  • Free Zones in Egypt and Qatar

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: EgyptQatarIndustries: All
    In May, the Egyptian government approved a new free zone in Aswan as part of plans to develop cities in Upper Egypt. Apart from the domestic impact, the zone is designed to boost Egypt’s trade with Sudan and other Nile Basin countries. Industries ranging from gemstones and granite to textile manufacturing will be major beneficiaries.
  • Abu Dhabi Port Allows Loading and Discharging of Qatar Origin Cargoes

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesQatarIndustries: Shipping
    The Chief Harbour Master of Abu Dhabi Ports has issued a Direction permitting the discharging of Qatar origin cargoes in Abu Dhabi ports, with reciprocal authorisation afforded to UAE origin cargo sought for discharge in Qatari ports, effective 12 February 2019.
  • New Regional Views Qatar & UAE: Betting on higher budgets to boost growth

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesQatarIndustries: Banking & Finance
    Based on its 2019 budget, how does Qatar’s debt service for this year compare to government revenues? What key budget line items take priority in the 2019 UAE federal budget and Dubai’s? How focused are the Qatari and UAE budgets’ on achieving efficiency in current expenditure vis-à-vis maintaining allocations for approved projects that contribute to the Qatar 2030 Vision and UAE Expo 2020? New Country Views - Oman: Solid growth in...
  • Qatar Airways buys stake in China Southern

    Content Types: Recent TransactionRegions & Countries: ChinaQatarIndustries: Aviation
    China Southern Airlines Co, the largest airline by fleet size in Asia, said earlier this week that Qatar Airways Group now holds a 5 percent stake in the company by acquiring 14,600 of its total issued shares.
  • Q1 2019 MENA Outlook Extended Outline

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesBahrain...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...
    Our quarterly regional theme to be published in full on 20 December analyses trade and investment relations between the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Turkey. It highlights the inroads Turkey has been making into MENA economically since 2002, while also noting recent rifts between the two sides.
  • New Country Views: Iran: Between a rock & a hard place - again

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: EgyptIran...Industries: Banking & FinanceEducation
    When the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran’s mantra was that the other parties would provide benefits as recompense.
  • Will the Iranian regime lose ground as Rouhani loses sway?

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: EgyptIran...Industries: Oil & GasBanking & Finance
    Saudi Arabia is on track to reduce its budget deficit to 7% of GDP or less this year from 8.6% in 2017 if oil prices remain at the current average for the rest of 2018.
  • Qatar's five major conglomerates turn to Turkey for investments

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: QatarTurkey...Industries: Banking & FinanceServices: Tax
    Days after Doha, one of Ankara's closest allies in the Gulf region, pledged $15 billion in direct investment in Turkey, Qatar's private sector has also turned to the country as five major conglomerates are looking to invest $300 million.