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  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Soft and tender

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesIran...Industries: Banking & FinancePower/Utilities...
    Actions speak louder than words and this week in Central Asia, lots of actions, some decisive, some more soft and tender were taken across the board.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Actions

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaIran...Industries: Oil & GasClean Energy...
    After announcing their anniversary Resolutions, the Central Asian Stans start switching to actions this week.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Vigilance

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AfghanistanChina...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesBanking & Finance...
    With the worst case scenario unravelling, chaos and regional security concerns define this week’s news, while the Stans and their foreign allies remain vigilant.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Back to Business

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaFrance...Industries: Oil & GasInfrastructure...
    With the awakening of the Chinese dragon, so did the realisation that economic cooperation is an effective way to maintain stability, and it's back to business for the Stans.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Tensions

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AfghanistanKyrgyzstan...Industries: ManufacturingAviation
    Atmospheric and political temperatures keep rising in Central Asia. The Stans prepare for the worst scenarios juggling both environmental and security threats as further expansions fuel tensions.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Pulling Strings

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: IranKyrgyzstan...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesBanking & Finance...
    As the hottest week of the year comes to an end, allies are pulling in, and start pulling strings to counteract any threats that come their way.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Heat

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AfghanistanIran...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...Services: Tax
    For central asian economies it is business as usual as states focus on reaching their set targets amidst heated intra-Afghan and US-Iran relations.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: United.

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaKazakhstan...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...
    As stakes grow in the region, foreign actors cooperate and set aside their differences to unite for the support of economic stability and human security.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Foreign Influences

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United KingdomIran...Industries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...
    Internally the power saving led to external players to pay extra attention and conduct activity.
  • Monochrome by Centil Law: Going into Accelerator Mode

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaKazakhstan...Industries: Banking & FinanceAgribusiness...
    Going into Accelerator Mode While Mercury goes into retrograde motion, the Stans that have already prepared the ground go full on into Accelerator mode.

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