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  • Algeria: End of an era, but not of the “Pouvoir” - New Country Views

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AlgeriaIndustries: Oil & GasClean Energy
    Algeria: End of an era, but not of the “Pouvoir” - New Country Views
  • Algeria: Oil-driven recovery, but corruption allegations endure

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaAlgeriaIndustries: Oil & Gas
    Growth is projected to climb back to 3.0% in 2018 after dropping to 1.6% in 2017 from 3.3% in 2016. The 2017 drop was mainly driven by a contraction in hydrocarbon production caused by OPEC’s export quota decrease and by weak external demand for gas from Europe. Positive growth in both the oil and non-oil sectors is projected for 2018.
  • China, Arab states to enhance strategic partnership

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesChina...Industries: All
    China and Arab states agreed to establish a Sino-Arab future-oriented strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation and common development, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on 10 July.
  • Algeria seeks UK advice on Islamic finance

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AlgeriaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    Algerian authorities are engaging UK institutions active in Islamic finance to leverage their experience and expertise in building an Islamic finance ecosystem amid work by the central bank in drafting a new Islamic finance framework, Abderrahmane Raouia, the minister of finance, told members of the People’s National Assembly.
  • Slower-than-planned Islamic finance takes off in Algeria

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AlgeriaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    Following the announcement by the government in October last year that three Algerian state-owned banks would be offering Shariah compliant solutions by the end of 2017, only one has actually introduced an Islamic financing product.
  • Algeria seeks Islamic finance help for financial salvation

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AlgeriaIndustries: Banking & Finance
    In a bid to plug its budget deficit caused by the lower price of the barrel, the Algerian government is moving quickly to develop Islamic finance in the next few months with Shariah compliant solutions to be offered by state banks by the end of the year and Sukuk issuances planned between 2018 and 2022.
  • The green big bang in MENA

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesAlgeria...Industries: Clean EnergyEnvironment
    MENA has significant potential for the development of renewable capacities, particularly solar and wind, as countries aim to diversify their economies.
  • Oil prices and exchange rate reform: Will the Arab Countries rise to the challenge?

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: AlgeriaMoroccoIndustries: Oil & GasBanking & Finance
    Algeria continues to face challenges due to lower oil prices and revenue which are expected to improve in 2017. High dependence on oil and commodity prices and its limited production remain major challenges.
  • Saudi Arabia: Firing on all cylinders + MENA Monthly: Coping with the summer heat

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: ChinaAlgeria...Services: Economic Research & Strategy
    New Country Views: "Saudi Arabia: Firing on all cylinders" Saudi Arabia's unemployment rate rose to 12.7% in the first quarter of 2017. What are the reasons for this increase? The MSCI has announced that it will start considering whether to upgrade Saudi Arabia to emerging market status. Can the Tadawul become the new benchmark for EMEA? How will the shake-up in the line of succession in Saudi Arabia impact the kingdom and the world...
  • Opportunity amidst volatility over 2015

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: United Arab EmiratesBahrain...Services: Economic Research & Strategy
    As usual, changes in business confidence at the country level were varied. Increased optimism amongst CEOs in the main oil-exporting nations, including Qatar and Kuwait, contributed to the moderate uplift in regional sentiment. We explore the reasons for cautious but high optimism in Saudi Arabia. Nations where optimism eroded included Lebanon.

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