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E-Cargo Global (ECG) is a revolutionary concept that...

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  • Climate Bonds' Green Bond Training

    Content Types: EventRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: Banking & FinanceEducation
    As the holiday season approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in making our Climate Bonds Training accelerate capacity building in Sustainable Finance worldwide. We have trained over one thousand professionals from various backgrounds in over 40 countries including corporates, government officials and finance experts.
  • Certified Green Issuance Passes $200bn - Expansion of Climate Bonds Standard in 2022: Basic Chemicals, Cement, Steel in Pipeline

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaGlobalIndustries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...
    $200bn marks a solid best practice platform as Climate Bonds Standard sets to expand its reach into heavy industry
  • Omicron to spoil global economic recovery hope in 2022

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: ChinaGlobalIndustries: Clean EnergyBanking & Finance...
    The rapid spread of Omicron in more than 100 countries along with rising global inflation rates, energy crisis stemmed out of coal shortages, political tensions and slowdown in manufacturing output amid chips shortage remain the major downside risks to global growth in 2022.
  • More Global update for the travel industry (01/2022)

    Content Types: NewsletterRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: All
    The Royal Opera House in Muscat will pay tribute to Zeffirelli by opening its tenth season on January 20 with the world premiere of the last masterpiece the great director had worked on: Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto with the unpublished sets of the late Florentine director and set designer....
  • 2022 Keywords: Last Minute, Sustainable, Open Air

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: Medical & HealthTourism
    The curtain rises on the 2022 scenarios with the trends of travelers who, still living with the concerns about COVID, will book more and more last-minute, preferring proximity and sustainable destinations. This is what transpires from the analysis carried out by Mabrian Technologies, a company specializing in the monitoring of tourism big data, which, albeit in a climate of persistent uncertainty, has outlined the trends in the post-pandemic era.
  • The lesson from COP26: finance is now driving global change

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: Minerals & ResourcesOil & Gas...
    It’s clear that the most important development from COP was the launch of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero (GFANZ), representing 450 organisations with some USD130 trillion of assets under management. 40% of global assets are now committed to the transition. For a sense of scale, global GDP last year was USD85 trillion.
  • Simplicity, predictability and practicality keys to restoring global mobility now

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: TourismSafety and Security
    Simple, predictable and practical measures needed to safely and efficiently facilitate the ramping-up of international travel as borders re-open.
  • Renewable energy surpasses oil, coal and gas, bagging higher foreign direct investment

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: Clean EnergyEnvironmentServices: Investment Promotion
    Our planet is on the cusp of irreparable environmental devastation. Environmentalists and agencies such as the International Energy Agency have been advocating for years that switching to renewable energy is the only way to peaceful and healthy survival.
  • NEXTChina 2021: Navigating Competitive Interdependence

    Content Types: EventRegions & Countries: ChinaGlobalIndustries: All
    The ideological and political differences between China and the U.S. continue to grow, but the world's two largest economies remain inextricably linked.
  • Tax Bullet Dodged for the Shipping Industry

    Content Types: ArticleRegions & Countries: GlobalIndustries: ShippingServices: Tax
    On 1 July 2021, the OECD announced that an agreement had been reached between 130 countries, including the G20, on a new global minimum corporation tax regime. Prompted by “the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy”, in other words the desire to share in the eye-watering profits of ‘big-tech’ where those profits are earned, the new international deal will have a far-reaching impact on multi-nationals beyond the technology...