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Tommy Heinrich

Tommy Heinrich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1962. As a child, Tommy spent family holidays in the mountains of Patagonia where he learned to love wild places. At nine years old, he began taking photos with a camera his father gave him and dreamed of someday being a National Geographic photographer.

Tommy began roped rock and mountain climbing at 18, displaying an aptitude and passion for the sport, and climbed as often as he could in the nearby Andes. He graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, which enabled him to travel to Europe and the United States, working in horse training and breeding until he decided at 29, that he would pursue a life of climbing and photography full time.

Eventually Tommy’s passions took him to Nepal and expedition climbing. On May 15th, 1995, Tommy became the first Argentine to summit Mt. Everest. Soon after his return he began speaking professionally. His ongoing experiences and lessons learned as a member of over 14 alpine attempts in the biggest mountains in the world became extremely popular with corporate clients over the years, some of which have included Coca Cola, Nextel, Pharmacia, Cinemark, Unilever and many more.

Tommy’s photography has been published worldwide, and in 2006 his childhood dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer came true, with an assignment to cover a winter ascent of Nanga Parbat by a Polish climbing team. In 2011, Tommy published a large format photography book Pakistan’s Golden Thrones that was a finalist in the 2011 Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival.

In addition to still photography, Tommy has shot film footage for CBS, Discovery, CNN, Univision and Argentine television networks, and has covered Polo World Championships in Europe and South America.

Today Tommy’s passion for climbing big mountains and photographing in wild places is as strong as ever, as his love for sharing his stories to the hearts of others. He is a dedicated father, living today in his hometown of Buenos Aires with his wife Victoria and son, Liam.

Areas of Interest
La Canada Polo Club, Ruta 6, Open Door (6708), Buenos Aires, Argentina