BAC Listed as “One to Watch” in Guide to Regional Arbitration

Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC) is listed as “one to watch” in the Guide to Regional Arbitration–a global directory of commercial arbitration providers, independently researched by the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) team.

BAC –Beijing Arbitration Commission

Why's it one to watch?

The BAC has many admirers. An article by the Economist Intelligence Unit described it as “the only local arbitration commission which meets global standards”. Anecdotal evidence in Hong Kong's arbitration community supports this.

Gosh. What makes it so popular?

Professionalism, competence and transparency, according to one respected source (speaking at GAR Live Hong Kong). Its rules are friendly towards international companies, in that they allow the parties to change arbitrators mid-case should a Med-Arb process, which is often part of a foreign-related dispute, be unsuccessful.

Who gets credit for all that?

It's run by Madame Wang Hongsong –“Madame Wang” to the local arbitration community – who's occasionally described as “formidable”. The BAC also insists that all arbitrators joining its list go on an intensive training programme.

What does the future hold?

Most of China's local arbitration commissions are expected to do well because of the “cloud” hanging over CIETAC (see below). The BAC, as the class of the field, should do better than most. It may be BAC's big chance to shine.

Does it have much experience with international work?

Oh yes. It has handled around 490 foreign-related matters in its 17-year span. That equates to about 30 to 50 new international cases in recent times. It handles around 1,500 to 2,000 matters each year.

Are there any things to look out for?

As with any Chinese mainland arbitration, it won't be as in-depth a process as some might want. The BAC aims to complete all matters within six months. On the upside, the staff are helpful, often fluent in English, and have the benefit of a really effective case-management system. And its hearing rooms also have a lovely view of Beijing.

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