SRCA met the Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of Argentina

On May 23rd, 2018 SRCA received a newcomer at the Embassy of Argentina - Commercial Counselor Mr. Julian A. Canessa. Mr. Canessa has introduced his responsibilities at the Embassy, but more importantly – his plans on promoting Argentina and its products in China. SRCA finds his views and approaches very effective and predicts that there are many areas for future cooperation between the Embassy of Argentina and Silk Road Cities Alliance. 

Some Argentinian products have already entered the Chinese market and there are many to go. Among those are modified soybeans, seafood, beef, wine, etc. In order to increase the awareness of the Argentinian products in the eyes of the Chinese consumer, producers are trying to cooperate with e-commerce giants such as Taobao.  

At this point, Mr. San Yuan offered Counselor several opportunities, which SRCA is recently working on. The first one is an upcoming Jiayuguan Silk Road Cultural Festival, which will bring together countries from all over the world and promote their cultures, products, tourism, etc. The Alliance is fully committed to assisting the Embassies-participants and customize individual packages regarding their needs. The second project is Silk Road Brands platform, which is aimed at promoting foreign products to the Chinese customer through two main dimensions: online and offline. These two projects entirely match the goal of Mr. Canessa. 

Mr. Canessa emphasized that the Embassy of Argentina will happily join the programs, which will become a great start of a prospective collaboration between the two organizations. The delegation from Argentina has been invited to visit Jiayuguan, occupy the booth, exhibiting the products from Argentina, screen an authentic movie, and giving the public a chance to experience Argentina. 

Several other issues have been discussed: G20 meeting in Argentina in 2018, Argentinian football, cons and probs of Argentinian import to China, Argentinian visa for Chinese citizens, joint China-Argentina investment projects.

Mr. San Yuan expressed his appreciating to Mr. Canessa and stressed, that SRCA is looking forward to working together and meet H.E. Ambassador of Argentina in the near future.

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