The Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Asia and the Pacific celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation

The Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Asia and the Pacific celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

Among the guests attending the ceremony were the ex-president Mr. Raúl Simón Loeb,  current honorary president of the Chamber, Lic.  Rallys Eduardo Pliauzer and the Ambassadors of Australia, China, Korea, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Also present at the event were the commercials councils of the embassies and related departments of Australia, China, Korea, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Vietnam.

The event was heldin the O´Farrell lounge, of Marval O´Farrell & Mairal law firm, with more than 300 businesspeople, members of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worshipof the Argentine Republic as well as Invest Argentine agency.

The president of the Chamber, Lic. Rallys Pliauzer, highlighted how the special political and economic situation of the Argentinian, European and American markets affect international commerce in Argentina.

At the same time, he emphasized the strong political and diplomatic activity with the countries of Asia and the Pacific and the importance of these countries for Argentina’s returning to the international market scene.

Pliauzer also highlighted the relaunching of the National Committee for Asia and the Pacific, under the presidency of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Susana Malcorra. The National Committee for Asia and the Pacific together with  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CARI and the Chamber of Asia, among other institutions are working towards a solid trade relationship with the countries of the region.

Finally, Rallys Pliauzer set the commercial development goals for the next 4 years to be an increase in commerce with the Asia Pacific region to US$20 billion.

The honorary president, Raúl  Loeb, president of Nidera for many years, has broad international experience, has been the President of the Chamber for Asia and the Pacific since its creation.

Lic. Rallys Pliauzeris the General Director of Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa of Bagó Laboratories, President of BF Biosciences in Lahore, Pakistan since 2006, and president of Bagó Laboratories Singapore since 2001. He has developed and executed all the internationalization of Bagó Group outside America.

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