CGA Bulletin - December 2021

Date: Dec 2021
A Letter from YEE Marketing
Dear CGA Members and Friends:
YEE Marketing (CGA’s partner) is now working with our clients to establish a presence on Little Red Book (LRB) and connect this platform with your WeChat official account.
As you may know, LRB is an extremely popular Chinese social media platform with over 300 million users. It focuses on a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising and online community-building.
If you are interested in finding out more about LRB and how it will enhance your business growth please contact us to set up a meeting (virtual, phone or in person). Please click here to view more.
On Behalf of:
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Featured Event I
Key Topics:
Aeroengine simulation technology (overall comprehensive technology, aerodynamic heat transfer, structural strength, combustion, test, etc.)
Manufacturing technology of lightweight and integrated typical parts and new cooling structural parts of aeroengine (manufacturing technology of integral blade disc, manufacturing technology of integral blade ring / diskless rotor, manufacturing technology of engine casing, new high-efficiency air-cooled blade technology, etc.)
Special machining technology of aeroengine (EDM technology, ECM technology, laser machining technology, electron beam welding technology, etc.)
New materials, new manufacturing and new processes of aeroengine (traditional alloy materials, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, digital manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing technology, special welding technology, coating technology, etc.)
Aeroengine condition monitoring, health management and fault analysis technology
Contact Organizer:
Tel:86 21 - 5155 5203
Featured Event II
Key Highlights:
Gain a thorough understanding of how your institution can initiate, structure and engineer various financial products in accordance with Shariah and business requirements.
Learn how to formulate and implement an effective Shariah-based methodology and framework for Islamic financial engineering and product development.
Agenda and Format:
Course duration is six hours divided into three hours each session. Each session will be interactive in a seminar format, with participants encouraged to engage with questions throughout.
Part 1: General Theory and Framework for Islamic financial Engineering and Product Development
Part 2: Mechanisms of Achieving Maqasid Al-Shariah and Commercial Objectives in Financial Product Development
For registration:
Click here to view more details.
Inquiry Desk
On behalf of our partners, we are looking for:
- large cargo aircraft for transporting goods from China to Europe;
- import mixed rubber from Cambodia to China; and
- import various forage / feed crops from overseas to China;
all of which will be rolled out based on long-term cooperation terms.
Please contact Cindy ( should you have any interest or questions.
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