CASBAA Connections Q2 2011

Date: Jan 2011

Industry growth pivots on solid market intelligence which is why CASBAA spends so much effort on it

Nothing beats solid intel

CASBAA member reports are now read in the right places

After two decades as the voice of Asia’s multichannel TV industry, CASBAA continues to constantly evolve to meet the challenges of a dynamic and progressive broadcast market across the region. As CASBAA continues to foster multichannel growth in Asia’s changing landscape, the Association focuses hard on keeping members up to date on the latest industry challenges and opportunities, and in this respect, we take special pride in our role as the preeminent repository of essential information.

Being proactive is a key requirement of that role. So to promote the power of pay TV to advertisers, for example, the ATAC committee met on May 23 to roll out a new presentation framing research data that show the advantages of advertising on the multichannel platform. This effort is in support of an ongoing initiative, inspired by data that becomes more compelling with each passing day.

The latest figures show, for instance, that consumers now watch 21.5% more pay TV than terrestrial television. Why? Because, as a widening body of evidence shows, multichannel options offer growing choice and variety – providing the ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience and execute more effective campaigns.

Industry growth pivots on solid market intelligence, explaining why CASBAA spends so much effort compiling and disseminating it to members on an exclusive basis. Our latest pay-TV

market snapshot on Indonesia is a case in point. This 2010 year-in-review combines an incisive overview of Indonesia’s multichannel landscape – and surveys the issues that shape it – with a forecast of what lies ahead for 2011.

Coming soon, the new Asia-Pacific Television Directory 2011 will be even more portable as it

shrinks down to a more convenient A5 pocket-size format. Small as it may appear, it will come packed with key contact information covering over 2000 cable and satellite broadcasters, system operators, program suppliers, regulatory institutions, trade associations, media services and other related organizations.

As ever, CASBAA continues to keep tabs on different industry groups to monitor mood

swings and the reasons behind them. Our recently completed Operators Group Survey is an example. Among its findings: even though content and distribution costs, and regulatory nvironments, were identified as having the biggest potential impact on overall business prospects in 2011 operators affirmed that they nonetheless remain optimistic about industry going forward.

Speaking of which, the regulatory environment in Asia will be examined in more detail in our next quadrennial Regulating for Growth report scheduled for release in the next quarter. Of industry-wide concern, government regulation continues to play a critical role in shaping operating environments which influence how our industry either grows or stalls.

In all, Regulating for Growth covers 14 Asian markets – so watch out for this. What I find especially encouraging about CASBAA’s research reports is the fact that Asia’s regulators have begun to read them as carefully as our members read them, Regulating for Growth in particular.

One very encouraging development is reflected in the increasingly diverse range of rganizations that comprise our membership, as can be seen with our latest additions: Patron Member TransAsia Lawyers, and Corporate Members GBN Global Broadcasting Network, GEO-TV and Newtec. (I should also mention here that STAR India just upgraded from Corporate to Patron status.)

Finally, to close on a delightfully positive note, we can announce our new Internship Program, thanks to seed funding from China Great Wall Industry Corp. Designed to help nurture the next generation of industry professionals at CASBAA and its member companies, the scheme opens up opportunities to university students studying in technology, legal/ regulatory disciplines and/or international relations.

Marcel Fenez

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