CGA Bulletin - April 2021

Date: Apr 2021
E-Wellness Card - Your Digital Health Record
As the world gradually returns to normal, aspects that will remain for some time include the need to provide COVID-free status and organize your health records for instant access. Accordingly, we would like to introduce E-Wellness ID which is a digital health platform where crucial information such as COVID test results, health reports, insurance receipts and other documents can be stored for instant access when needed the most.
Offers by E-Wellness ID
Whenever your health condition is an issue, E-Wellness ID offers you and others instant access to crucial information. Upload copies of your COVID vaccination latest blood test or x-rays so that these documents are readily accessible globally.
Please click here to sign up E-Wellness ID for you, your clients, parents, children, work colleagues and other loved ones for their peace of mind, whether they are at home, school, work or elsewhere, where instant access to your personal up-to-date medical records can be a life saver.
Featured Event I
The INVEST IN GREECE 2021 FORUM will be held on April 22 (9:00-11:00 Athens time; 14:00-16:00 Beijing time), under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investments of Greece, China Chamber of Commerce to EU and the City of Athens.
The Forum will promote Greece to foreign companies as the hub of the Southeastern Mediterranean and as a point of entry for the EU, in particular for the following areas:
1) Greece as an EU assembly installation unit for foreign products to enter Europe;
2) Greece as a logistics hub for the Southeastern Mediterranean region;
3) Greece as a Global Service Center;
4) Greece as the Technology Hub for Southeast Mediterranean; and
5) Greece as the Energy Hub of Southeast Mediterranean.
The speeches will be in English and Chinese and supported by simultaneous interpretation. Registration is free. Click here for more details.
Featured Event II
Background: Boeing forecasts that passenger traffic will grow by an average of 4% a year over the next 20 years and that the global civil aviation fleet will grow from 25,900 today to 48,400 by 2039. The center of growth is in Asia, and particularly in China, where 8,600 new aircraft will be delivered over the next 20 years. The next 10 years will be a crucial period for accelerating the rapid development of China’s aviation industry and a crucial period for realizing leapfrog development of the aviation industry.
Hot Topics
1. Accelerate The Digital Transformation Of The Aviation Industry
2. Cooperative Research On Subcontract Production Of Civil Aircraft in Post-COVID-19 World
3. Collaborative Development Of Helicopter Digitization
and more
Please click here to view more details.
RSVP Contact : Sara LIU, (+86 21 5155 5203)
Featured Event III
Background: The satellite internet is classified as one of the "new infrastructure", as an important application scene of satellite communication, the aviation Internet in the field of civil aviation has a broad development prospect. All countries around the world have carried out long-term and extensive exploration of aviation internet. The size of China's civil aviation industry fleet keeps growing and the scale of airborne network demand is huge, which is expected to drive the Asia-Pacific region to become the world's largest aviation Internet market.
Hot Topics
1. Inflight Internet in the New Infrastructure Era
2. Influence of 5G and 6G on Inflight Connectivity
3. Air-to-ground Interconnection: Information Infrastructure Evolution from the Next Generation Network
and more
Please click here to view more details.
RSVP Contact : Sara LIU, (+86 21 5155 5203)
Member Updates
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
CBI's core course Green Bond Training is an objective and practical course with a comprehensive learning experience about green bonds. Structured in a thorough and robust manner, it includes 4 learning modules combined with interactive discussions and exercises. The newly structured Green Bond Training builds on its successful predecessor, the Green Bond Training Boot Camp which was delivered to hundreds of professionals around the world in over 24 countries.
Invest in Spain
ICEX-Invest in Spain’s mission is to attract foreign direct investment for the country. It has an international network of more than 100 Economic and Commercial Offices of Spanish Embassies facilitating access to potential international investors. It will take part in the next edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR- 2021) to be held on May 19-23 in Madrid. During the event our sectoral expert will hold B2B meetings with potential investors in the tourism sector where they will have the chance to learn the business opportunities and attractions of a sector in which Spain is a world leader.
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