CGA Monthly Bulletin (Aug 2019)

Date: Aug 2019
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The escalating China-US trade war and rising protectionism continue to cloud the outlook for Chinese outbound M&A. However, China remains the deal driver for M&A in Asia as the country presents promising opportunities for local and overseas investors facilitated by national reforms, greater purchasing power, industry consolidation and transformation under the new model of economic growth.
Presented by AVCJ and Mergermarket, the 4th Annual China M&A Forum will bring together 300+ senior corporate investors, private equity fund managers, M&A advisers, and policymakers from across the globe to discuss the latest drivers, regulatory and policy updates, key opportunities, and the most pressing challenges that are impacting the M&A landscape.
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Other Events
The Global Borrowers & Investors Forum - Asia
Sept 3 (Singapore)
Bringing together over 500 of the region’s biggest investors, issuers and arrangers, this one day forum is now recognized as the key place to do business for those in fixed income who work in the Asia Pacific region. Over 60% of the 2018 audience represented fixed income investors, corporate borrowers and regional government representatives – with such possibilities for networking and future business, can you afford to miss it in September 2019?
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Cities 4.0 2019
Sept 23-24 (Malaysia)
Smart City utilises technologies and connected data sensors to enhance and become powerful in terms of infrastructure and city operations. This includes monitoring and managing of public assets, transportation systems, citizens, power plants, water supplies, information systems, civil bodies, and other community services. As per the new study from Navigant Research, the global market for smart city services is expected to reach $225.5 billion within the next decade.
The hosting of the second edition of Cities 4.0 in Kuala Lumpur is to provide an interactive platform for governments, municipalities, urban planners, developers, urban futurists, solution providers and innovators to converge and make positive impact in shaping resilient and sustainable cities.
For details and registration, please click here.
New Expert
Pachara Palm Naripthaphan (Investment and Government Affairs, Tourism)
From a very young age, Palm has lived and breathed Thai politics. He began his career at 17, working as junior assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister. Since then, he assisted cabinet officials across several ministries, served twice as assistant to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment (2004 and 2009), Minister of Information and Communication Technology (2005), Minister of Industry (2009), an expert assistant in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (2008), and Chief of Staff to Deputy Minister of Finance in 2009. In 2011 at the Ministry of Energy, Palm was appointed to be Chief of Staff and Ministry’s press secretary.
Content Highlights
Investment in Egypt, Challenges and Aspirations
Al Tamimi & Company
Our region and the world economy continue to face tumultuous times, starting with the recent rise in tensions between Iran and the US to the escalating conflict in Yemen and the raging trade war between the US and China. In spite of that, Egypt emerged from the conflict that seems to engulf the whole globe as a beacon of political stability, economic growth and social development.
Despite all the challenges we still face in education, healthcare and poverty, the government has truly made herculean efforts to limit the suffering of the population and achieve prosperity for all. We have already seen the Virus C epidemic vanishing, informal housing’s near disappearance and tangible education and healthcare reforms.
Egypt has a strategic geopolitical link to both the GCC and the African continent. It has been able to prosper and regain its leadership position in the Arab world. On the other hand, the current administration’s determination to strengthen Egypt’s ties with its African brethren has opened up investment avenues that thus far had remained untapped.
Jordan: Slow growth, but revival on course
Arabia Monitor
Growth this year is expected to be driven by a recovery in exports and a revival in tourism. Funding from the London initiative should also help finance the current account and maintain reserves at an adequate level. While there is a large untapped export potential in Jordan’s agricultural sector, another budding growth area is in coding.
Higher demand and prices for fertiliser, along with strong partnerships with some Asian partners, could bring new opportunities for growth both downstream and upstream in Jordan’s phosphate supply chain. The IMF in April revised Jordan’s growth forecast down to 2.2% for 2019 from its previous 2.5% projection. This would still be higher than 2018’s 1.9%.
Overall, the economy remains on a relatively slow-growth path. This is partially due to spill-over effects from regional conflicts taking their toll on investor confidence.The bright spots, however, are an increase in exports and good growth in tourism. These are expected to help reduce the current account deficit to 9.9% of GDP in 2019 from 10.3% in 2018 and 11.33% in 2017.
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