CGA Bulletin - Chinese New Year Edition (Jan - Feb 2020)

Date: Jan 2020
Spring Festival’s Greeting
CGA Highlights (2019-2020)
Environmental Protection: CGA is advising on cross-border projects covering clean energy, rechargeable battery and battery recycling involving both homegrown and foreign technology.
Healthcare: We have been and will continue to be engaged in the healthcare industry pursuing cross-border projects related to medical institutions, medical equipment, medical technology and professionals as well as pharmaceuticals and health products.
Culture and Tourism: CGA is actively involved with both inbound and outbound tourism projects covering mobile apps, smart tourism, medical tourism, tourist insurance and cultural heritage.
Safety and Security: We have recently made a foray into spreading Chinese safety and security technology and products around the world as well as bringing such international expertise back to China.
Featured Members
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Established in 2015, SanMaoYou has 20 employees and hundreds of freelancers working on content recording, translation and design, providing various styles of audio guide and accurate positioning service on hand-drawn map.SanMaoYou currently has nearly 20 million registered App users and 4 million paying users, who contribute a repurchase rate of 30%. SanMaoYou's monthly active user could reach 2 million in high seasons and 1 million in off-seasons. Its core technology is GPS+mini positioning service. Please scan the QR code for more information.
Content Highlights
Market Intelligence Panama: Shipping 2019
Morgan & Morgan
It was a disappointing year for Panama’s economy. In spite of this, Panama’s shipping sector proved resilient. The expanded Panama Canal continues to exceed expectations, and the Panamanian ports had their greatest year on record in 2018. Panama’s lifeblood is the global economy, and there are still too many potentially catastrophic events looming in the immediate future, which could severely impact the country’s shipping industry. From the still unresolved US–China trade war, to the growing likelihood of a hard Brexit, to a potential Suez-like crisis in the Gulf of Ormuz, the immediate future for Panama looks fraught with risk, even as Panama’s shipping sector remains robust.
Resolving Pharmaceutical Disputes through Arbitration
Al Tamimi & Company
Considering that the pharmaceutical industry is wide-reaching and of significant size, the underlying disputes are often complex, multi-jurisdictional and involve high-value claims. As a result, parties often seek to have them resolved swiftly and confidentially. For these reasons, it may be preferable for the parties to use arbitration in order to solve their disputes. It is, however, worth highlighting that certain pharma-related disputes, specifically those arising out of patent invalidations, are considered non-arbitrable in the UAE given that they deal with amendments to public records. Notwithstanding this, arbitration is now being recognised as an effective and advantageous means of dispute resolution for the pharmaceutical industry for contractual related matters.
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