CGA Monthly Bulletin (December 2017)

Date: Dec 2017
Upcoming Events
Asian Finance Forum
15 - 16 Jan 2018, Hong Kong
The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) brings together some of the most influential members of the global financial and business community to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia. In 2017, over 100 internationally respected leaders in government, financial and business sectors gathered for groundbreaking discussions about opportunities and challenges facing Asia.
NEXT CHINA: How the Middle Kingdom Will Reshape Your World
17 Jan 2018, New York
NEXT CHINA: How the Middle Kingdom Will Reshape Your World is a conference that will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, from 8:30am (registration) to 6:15pm at The Times Center in New York City. There will be five forums on Technology, Economy, Healthcare, Politics, and Philanthropy, followed by a live Sinica Podcast recording on “Cracking the China Conundrum.”
EU SME Workshop: Servicing Chinese Outbound Investment
18 Jan 2018, London
CBBC and the EU SME Centre will host a workshop to provide an insight into how to best service Chinese Outbound Investment.
Gain an understanding of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investments (OFDI) in Europe and its new development to seize business opportunities.
Gain an understanding of different types of Chinese investors in order to create partnerships.
Learn how to develop strategic options to link up with Chinese GVC.
Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid
23 - 25 Jan 2018, Dar es Salaam
The 2nd Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid meeting will come once again to Dar es Salaam from 23-25 January 2018 to focus on the topical issues concerning rolling out off-grid projects across Africa, present the current project opportunities and build on the outcomes of the first successful off grid Summit in December 2016.
New Members
North Carolina’s winning combination of location, workforce, existing industry strength, and business-friendly environment makes it a leading destination for domestic and international companies alike. The state boasts the fastest growing large economy in the U.S. and consistently ranks among the top five in internationally-recognized business environment rankings.
North Carolina has the 9th largest state population in the U.S. with over 10 million residents. The state’s low cost of living and highly educated workforce further contribute to its favorable business environment. Companies also benefit from North Carolina’s concentration of research & development activity.
WordsTalk, established in 2014, is a comprehensive language service provider with 300+ translators of various languages and industries. Our clients are mostly high-end organizations and companies.
WordsTalk’s major clients are from government sectors, such as Ministry of Civil Affairs, NDRC - National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, etc.
WordsTalk has been in the UNLTA (United Nations Long-Term Agreement) for the past three years, providing daily translation services to UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO, UNOPS, etc.
Carey is Chile’s largest law firm, with more than 250 legal professionals.
We are a full service firm. Our various corporate, litigation and regulatory groups include highly specialized attorneys and practice areas covering all areas of law.
Our clients include some of the world’s largest multinationals, international organizations, and some of the most important local companies and institutions.
The BELT AND ROAD ASSOCIATES team is the bridge between the business world of China and Greece.
We are people who have been working for many years with Chinese companies and we know well the secrets of doing business with this wonderful people.
At the same time, we are well aware of the Greek reality in order to bring in contact people and businesses from the two countries to achieve successful partnerships.
Content Highlights
Egypt wins largest number of AIIB projects in energy
Arabia Monitor
Egypt joined the AIIB with a total subscription of 0.7% of total capital and voting power share of 0.86%.
On 4 September, AIIB approved over USD 700M in financing for 11 plants in Egypt’s Benban Solar Complex. The projects include the development of two 20 MW and nine 50 MW solar PV power plants. The aim is to increase Egypt’s power generation capacity and reduce its reliance on non-renewables such as hydrocarbons and gas. It is also in line with Egypt’s Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035, targeting 20% electricity generation using renewable energy sources by 2022.
Total project cost is estimated at USD 730M where AIIB finances 28.8% through debt. The International Financial Corporation (IFC) is cofinancing the venture with AIIB. The scheme is also attracting additional lenders from the private sector and bilateral financial institutions.
Airlines count on 3 pillars for a differentiated offering
Generic initiatives such as showing a video of a new aircraft or even mass personalisation aren’t enough for differentiation. Airlines need to go for smarter, pioneering moves in order to stand out. The sector is looking at ways to make the most of:
1. Sector-specific evolution (for instance, a smart merchandising engine, dynamic pricing etc.).
2. Underlying trends that are making organisations agile and innovative (API connectivity, data-driven platform that overcomes organizational silos and even capitalizes on a digital retailing ecosystem such as Alibaba). Also, how to ensure any emerging technology can be capitalized upon – be it for blockchain, facial recognition, etc.
3. Laying a strong foundation for personalisation (behavioural profiling, demographics and personal data, historical and preference data). This should reflect in digital touchpoints – say dynamic content for an upcoming flight.
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