New MENA Monthly: Coping with the summer heat

Date: Jul 2017

New MENA Monthly:"Coping with the summer heat" 

  • What was behind King Salman’s move to strip the Ministry of Interior of some key mandates? What other key appointments were made in July?
  • What are the highlights on Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s trip to Washington? What stance has President Trump taken on Hezbollah and how will this affect sanctions on the group?
  • Following the reshuffle in May, the new Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune presented the government action plan to parliament on 21 June. What are the details of the government’s new economic reform plan? How will this affect FDI to Algeria?
  • Demonstrations in the Rif region are continuing despite efforts by the government to accelerate the USD 600M “Manarat al Moutawassit Programme” (2015-2019) dedicated to the economic development of Al-Hoceima. Why is it taking so long to reach a compromise?What will be the impact, if any, on the economy and international investor sentiment?
  • What were the key conclusions from the positive review report of the IMF? How will the recent Hurghada attack and the ensuing warnings from several countries affect Egypt’s target of 10 million tourists in 2017?
  • After success on the Total deal in Iran, what is the next project in line for international majors?
  • How could China’s first overseas military base in Djibouti, an Arab League country impact MENA?

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New Regional Views

"The MENA Renewables Pioneers: Morocco, Egypt & Jordan" 

  • In 2009, Morocco launched the “Solar Moroccan Programme”, with the objective of putting 2,000 MW into service by 2020, to increase the share of solar energy in the total electric capacity to 14%. How will they achieve this target?
  • In 2008, Egypt introduced a strategy to diversify the energy mix in favour of renewable energy and has set a target to achieve 20% of generated electricity from renewable energy by 2022. How close are they to this objective?
  • Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to utilise solar energy for insulating buildings. What factors make Jordan a favourable environment for renewable energy and its investments?
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