One of the World’s Largest Feed Machinery Companies Places European R&D HQ in Denmark

Date: Mar 2014


The Chinese manufacturer Muyang is to establish R&D Headquarters in Southern Denmark in order to tap into the Danish competencies within biomass and agriculture.

Mr Zhengjun Chen, Executive President of Muyang & Director of Muyang Research Institute, says:

“We choose Denmark because the feed machinery and agricultural technologies are highly developed in Denmark. The employees are well educated and competent, not least within R&D, and the local universities and research institutes are renowned for their achievements in feed machinery development and engineering, which provides great opportunities for Muyang to gain technical advantages via collaborations with them. In addition, the friendly investing environment and flexible recruitment policy in Denmark are definitely preferable compared to other countries.”

Innovative product pipeline through Danish based research

Muyang supplies machinery for both feed production and biomass processing. Currently, the main objective of the new R&D centre is to develop a new generation of feed machinery. In the future, the research scope will be expanded to cover biomass processing machinery. Muyang will also engage in other relevant R&D activities and expand the Danish operations with a production base.

Zhengjun Chen explains:

“Muyang Denmark R&D centre will be the headquarters of Muyang R&D branches in Europe and will cooperate closely with other Muyang R&D centres to focus on new product development and advancement of key technologies. By the end of 2014, there will be 12-15 full time R&D employees in Denmark. To further leverage the leading Danish research, we would like to enter into research collaborations with local universities and research institutes, and we consider establishing a test centre in Denmark to directly support the R&D activities. Looking forward a few years, Muyang will seek opportunities to establish a production base in Denmark to assist European customers even better.”

Invest in Denmark has assisted Muyang in the establishment process and the Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mr Mogens Jensen, welcomes the Chinese company to Denmark:

“I highly appreciate that Myuang, the world’s largest manufacturer in the feed machinery industry, has chosen to locate their European R&D headquarters in Denmark. It’s an acknowledgement of the innovative Danish workforce and our leading biomass sector, as well as a reinforcement of the industry and our connection to the increasingly important Chinese market. I am convinced that Muyang will generate tangible results in Denmark and will follow their Danish expansion plans with interest.”

Leading Danish bioenergy sector

Denmark was one of the first countries to modernise its traditional industrial sectors through research and innovation, for instance within agro-food, chemistry, shipbuilding, metal works and engineering. This modernisation has proven to be a key factor in the development of advanced bioenergy competences and a full-fledged value chain in the field. Danish companies and universities have been leading the industrial development of bioenergy during the last four decades, enjoying the support from government and consumers to develop the market. Today, bioenergy represents about 70% of the Danish consumption of renewable energy.

About Muyang

The Chinese company Muyang Group is the world's largest manufacturer in the feed machinery industry, founded in 1967. Over the last ten years, the company has grown rapidly, reaching a sales revenue of USD 1 billion in 2012. The company employs more than 4,500 people worldwide, with offices in more than 45 countries and export to 85, including countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and France, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

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