Poland Investment Newsletter (Issue 324)

Date: Feb 2013


The value of foreign investments completed by PAIilZ in 2012 is 6% higher than in previous year.

PAIilZ in 2012 led to launch in Poland 53 investments with a total value of EUR 1,236 mln, i.e. 66 mln more than a year before, when the worth of the completed projects was EUR 1,170 mln.

The completed investments in 2012 will create in the following years 9,996 new jobs. Geographical trends in FDI inflows changed slightly. The main investors are USA (15 projects), Japan (7 projects) and companies from EU countries: Germany, UKand France.

Most of the projects came from service sector and ICT (total 25 projects), then automotive (17 projects) and R&D (5 projects). PAIilZ closed as well 3 projects from aviation sector. Majority of investments were located in Dolnoslaskie voivodeship (18 projects) and Malopolskie (6 projects). West Pomeranian, Wielkopolskie, Lodzkie and Pomeranian in each mentioned voivodeship were located 4 investments.

Currently PAIilZ supports 152 projects with a total value EUR 4 billion, which in the next few years may create 26,173 jobs. In the first weeks of 2013 PAIilZ led to launch in Poland 4 investments with a total value EUR 157 mln, which will create 1,878 jobs. (PAIilZ)


Graduates of the polish universities, due to excellent academic programs, are to be most desired employees on the labour market.

A special report prepared for the NBC News by American technology companies dedicated to the trend of employment of graduates of the Polish universities, states that the fad of high competitiveness of Polish employees is not caused only by low costs of employees, but is a result of changes in Polish academic system. It is a modern and dynamic system says Nina Arnold, senior education specialist from the World Bank. Polish universities students are talented people, mostly students of the technical faculties. Graduates are well prepared to work in international environment.

Currently General Electric employs approximately 1,300 Polish engineers. They have contributed to the success of next-generation engine used in the latest unit of Boeing Dreamliner. Many Western companies are open to the Polish graduates and they delight in their education and diligence. As a result, many companies have launched or are planning to open a R&D centers in Poland. According to NBC News in the past years, Poland has become one of the best educated countries in Europe. (NBC News/PALiLZ)

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According to FDI Intelligence report, Silesia is ranked 11th on the list of 20 regions, which in the first half of 2012 noticed the largest increase in investments inflow writes ekonomia24.pl, the portal of Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.

Silesia, compared with the previous year, reported a 45 % increase in foreign investments. The first place in the ranking took Indian region of Kerala (+ 187% of projects), then American state of Minnesota (128 %) and Queretaro the state and city in central Mexico (120%). Fourth place was given to Lithuania Vilnius district, where the number of investments in the past year has doubled.

FDI intelligence report are covered with the ranking of investment attractiveness of region from the previous year. Increases of investments are highest in Silesia, region is a leader also in industry investments. I do not remember that any Polish region was ever classified that high in the world rankings says Slawomir Majman, president of PAIilZ. The experts of FDI Intelligence add that in Poland the number of Greenfield type investments grows up in the first half of previous year by 3%. Most attractive cities include Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw and Poznan. (Ekonomia24.pl/PAIilZ)


PAIilZ has been selected by the Ministry of Economy as contractor of general promotion in Turkey in 2013, carried out within Submeasure 6.5.1. OPIE "Promotion of Polish economy on international markets.”

The project aims to increase the competitiveness and the creation of a positive image of the Polish economy among Turkish entrepreneurs. The Measure is also to increase the value of exports and investments of Polish entrepreneurs operating in the territory of Turkey. These objectives will be realized through information and promotion about the Polish economy and export products as well. Due to the program Polish companies will have opportunity to establish business contacts.

Entrepreneurs interested in promotion in Turkey can participate in the activities carried out by PAIilZ in framework of the program.

For more information on the principles of participation in the program please contact coordinator, Agnieszka Schütte, e-mail: agnieszka.schutte@paiz.gov.pl, tel. 22 334 9801, Economic Promotion Department, PAIilZ S.A.

There is a possibility to obtain funding of participation in the promotion program (Submeasure 6.5.2.). Detailed information about the terms and conditions of the use of the funding can be obtained from the Department of Implementation of Operational Programmes in the Ministry of Economy: phone number 22 693 58 44.

General promotion program in Turkey is organized in the framework of the system project titled "Promotion of Polish economy on the international market" (Submeasure 6.5.1 Innovative Economy Programme). (PAIiIZ)

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