China Guangdong Nuclear Power acquires 90% stake of Senegal’s solar power station Malicounda, initiating its exploration of Africa’s solar power market

Date: 07 Nov 2016

Source: Top-News

November 6, Zhitong Finance was informed that the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group recently announced that the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Europe Energy Company and the Italian company Chemtech Solar Dakar in Senegal, the formal signing of the acquisition of Senegal Malicounda 44 MW of solar power plant project 90% of the shares.

It is understood that the President of Senegal President Mackey sale personally presided over the power grid and ceremony, and plans to the project as a demonstration project of the development of clean energy in Serbia, the upcoming United Nations International Conference on Climate Change (COP22).

Zhitong Finance understands that there is a shortage of energy and a vast space for new energy development in West Africa, and the new installed capacity of clean energy will exceed 10,000 MW by 2020. This acquisition is the first time for China Guangdong Nuclear Power to enter Africa's solar power market, and further develop Senegal West African clean energy market laid the foundation.

July 22, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Europe Energy Company and the French partner of the Commonwealth, the successful bid in the Atlantic region of Brittany Grove (Groix), the European Union and the European Union, Project, which is the first time Chinese enterprises to enter the floating offshore wind power technology. To September 29, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Europe has new energy companies, the successful acquisition of Belgium's largest onshore wind farm Esperance project to Europe's new energy business from the UK, France to further expand to Belgium.

With the deepening of the overseas layout, CGNPC has become one of the largest energy companies with overseas installed capacity in China, and is also the largest independent power producer in Egypt and Bangladesh and the second largest independent power producer in Malaysia. Currently, CNGC's overseas new energy holding installed capacity More than 870 million kilowatts, mainly in South Korea, Britain, France, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, more than 10 countries.

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