NBA China conducts all the league’s businesses in Greater China. It was formed in January 2008 after its first...More
Li Ning Company is a sporting goods company established in 1990 by Mr. Li Ning, the widely known “Prince of...More
In 2007, the country’s best female hockey players founded the CWHL: the world’s premier professional women’s hockey...More
Moag & Company is the world's leading dedicated sports, media and entertainment investment banking firm which...More
In 2000, Mason Gordon created SlamBall. The initial idea was to combine the elements of various competitive sports,...More


Jimmy Lynn is the managing partner of JLynn Associates, a global strategic advisory firm focused on sports-related media, marketing, and retail for a diverse set of clients including teams, athletes, leagues and associations, media outlets and other businesses. Prior to founding JLynn Associates, Lynn served as Vice-President,...More
Brenda Andress, also known as the “Thought Leader," is currently the Commissioner of the Canadian Women’s National Hockey League. For the past 10 years, Brenda has shaped and led the CWHL’s vision to create the world’s most exceptional women's professional hockey league. Brenda has taken the League and the sport to an...More


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