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In 2000, Mason Gordon created SlamBall. The initial idea was to combine the elements of various competitive sports, such as basketball, hockey, football, gymnastics, trampolines, and virtual video games. From the first sketch on a napkin, to the first SlamBall court in a warehouse in Los Angeles, SlamBall has eventually become a revolution in the world of sports.

As a new sport that has just been created in the 21st century and is here to set trend, to lead innovation and to encourage participation, SlamBall is revolutionary in many ways. With the support of the trampolines, players can complete dunks without any limitation. Also due to its virtual video game DNA, SlamBall is very internet-based and has rapidly became viral among the young generation worldwide.

SlamBall debuted as a TV show in the US and has triggered a global phenomenon. In 2006, SlamBall developed into a professional league with several famous teams. In 2012, SlamBall entered China market as an emerging competitive sport and established its root in several top universities. Based on its solid grass-root foundation, SlamBall has started to extend its commercial promotion via various entertainment cross-over to reach out to more target audiences.

"I created SlamBall to unlock the aerial creativity of smaller players, and to see a game where speed and athleticism ruled over merely size. I wanted to combine the best elements of many team sports into a game that is fun, fast and amazing to watch. SlamBall is a sport where no action you dream within the game is beyond your reach.

We are seeing a phenomena rise in the popularity of SlamBall through digital and trcfditional media channels. We are already under construction on several more of these SlamBall centers and expect to see a thriving pro and college competitive series working hand in hand to expand the game in China and around the world. We re making great strides with the sport in additional markets and are taking steps to accommodate a World Cup format in the coming years, of which we expect China to be a persistent world power in the sport.

I am both humbled and grateful to the Chinese athletes, coaches, executives, media partners and sponsors for the way SlamBall has been embraced in this country. It is my fondest wish that China be a leading light in the sport for countless generations to come."


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